If anyone is interested in demos we still have some leftover from the FLOORPUNCH show in Philly where they made their debut. The demo is $3 -- and it's a 5 song cassette of straightforward hardcore with a crew tip. If you live in the Cleveland area just email John (xjohnmillinx@yahoo.com) or Jeff (lookingbackrecs@hotmail.com) and we can set one aside to give to you at the next show we are at. You can also email Jeff at the above address for shipping info.

I'll try to review the Floorpunch show when I have more time (if Chuck doesn't beat me to it).

Also, be sure to check out BALANCE -- they are a new edge band from Sweden with a solid demo. Got the opportunity to meet Johan at the show and can tell these guys are going places.

Pissed-off straight edge hardcore: what's there not to love?


Pack the gear...

...we're outta here...It's a 14-hour drive and no one's sleeping...on (in) the road (van) again. Happy Edge day observed (Fri-Sun). Floorpunch.


The Price is Right (Idea)

In honor of the 2007 Cleveland Indians and our favorite son, I give you:



Get the Most leaves soon for their weekend with the First Step to celebrate Edge Day 2007. Hopefully they will not encounter any Eastern Diamondbacks in the NE. Black Breath is the best band you haven't heard of, and Third Party records is dropping new things by Coke Bust. They also repressed the fastbreak 7" (who knew!)

Oh, and did I mention...Right Idea demos out in less than two weeks?

Tuesday, ah, that uphill struggle to stop blogging and air drumming along withPropagandhi. Canadians are swell...

P.S. It's not about supporting cancer, AIDS research or the troops anymore:



It's Tribe Time Now

Can't say enough about this team, the fun I've had watching the games and the food I've put away while doing it. Hess and I witnessed the 2 home wins at the Jake -- arguably the 2 best post-season games I've ever seen, let alone in-person. I kept the cow-bell rocking the entire games, and gave until gone with my voice in that historic AB for Travis Hafner.

I'm not going to get into how in Game 1 of the ALDS I'm convinced I had a hand in keeping CC in the game and striking out Posada. Nor will I expand on how our collective will made contact with that ball for Travis.

It just happened.

Go Tribe!

These days, these days...

...aren't like these days were:

Cleveland Hardcore History


2,000-odd miles from Cleveland, Go it Alone says goodbye on December First 2007 courtesy of Rain City Hardcore



To go along with our X rated swatches, poz top bleach blonde hair dos, and epic jumps, we will hopefully be adding these wonderful edgeman jackets to our set list.  Yes, I said set list. No, we are not playing the Floorpunch show, but you can more than likely spot one of us in this jacket and ask to pick up a 5 song demo.  Fresh out of the boom box, 50 limited edition cassets will be stashed in our pockets for those eager to take a journey back to when Hess was about 12 and Millin was 14.  


Merrimack Valley Hardcore Shows

So, anybody who has lived between Maine and Connecticut in the last five years has probably been to a show at New Direction/Exit 23 and more recently Welfare Records in Haverhill. I recall a particularly snowy New Direction show in March 2005 with Attitude, Verse, Names for Graves and my personal favorite band, Learn (holy shit, that joint on Malfunction was illlllllll). There were fuckin' three feet of snow, and the drive was one of the most epic mid-march snowstorm treks that I've ever made, excluding some trips to The Pass with certain hungover cocktail waiters--but I digress.

Still kids showed up, moshed, hung out, and sweet New Hampshire Straight Edge Jackets were all over. Needless to say, the show was the bomb courtesy of Josh Hynes (Hammer Bros, Drug Test, Resist) and company. It stands out to me to this day as a testament to the strength of that scene and the character of the people involved.

2007 Edge day festivities will be courtesy of Josh and MVHC this October 20th with The First Step, Verse, Have Heart, Get the Most and Resist. They also have a crucial show with LOJ and Cloak/Dagger (see above flier) really soon.

Merrimack Valley Hardcore Online


The penny project...

Dave Excursion has been doing labels, shows and playing cards for a long time. The guy has really great ideas for websites to pass the time and (theoretically) pay back some debts from his excursion records days. I'm pretty sure you can also get ahold of him to get some rare Excursion joints if the price is right. Don't quote me on the last part, actually, I never said it, forget it.

The Penny Project
Spare Change: The Internet
Excursion Records

Oh, and while you're at it be sure to reassess the upcoming Get the Most/First Step shows out East and read funny stories about Nova Scotia ferries: LB Jamz rock yo face