Another Ten Years

We just finished up mixing the other day on this project, and I can honestly say I'm as stoked for this as I've been for anything in some time now. Practices, recording in the studio with John D, and getting a few more chances to hang out with Jeff, Chuck and Nate was righteous (as always). I also met Sam, who proved he has "the right idea" -- not to mention he can count on beat and start with his thumb as "one" (As anyone can attest -- that is the only way to count in the studio. Seriously).

So the hope is that you'll get to read a few posts from each of us introducing ourselves and whatnot. Then, as things transpire, we'll announce any shows, releases, or good anecdotes we come across.

Or else we'll just totally slack off and not do anything. (Current odds 4:1 for the latter -- & stay away from the over) So in the the meantime, don't look for us collectively on Myspace -- we're not there -- If You Cared... has become our virtual home.


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