Documentation take two...

Here's a majority of our set from last weekend. Thanks again to everyone who stuck around and sang along and all the guys with cameras in their hands.



Astute observers would realize that we've added a new handsome dude to the Right Idea. No, Chuck doesn't have a brother, but Geoff will be taking over on second guitar and fifth handsome dude for RxI. He'll appear on our forthcoming release and be all around the way with us for shows. We welcome Geoff to the stage after spending the last few years on the dancefloor for us. Good to have ya, buddy!

A(nother) Time We Will Remember . . .

Thanks to these pics by Future Breed, aka Dan Gonyea:

Thanks again to Dan for these awesome shots. Be sure to tickle the linkle above and check out al the other pics from that day.


Refuse Records 7" Advert

Robert from Refuse Records passed this along to us today. Pretty sweet, and if you haven't picked up one of these yet, jump on it -- it's the songs off the demo but remastered (not to mention everything sounds better on white vinyl).

2nd press is already on the way, too -- so order away!


Let Me Clarify...

We've got nothing but love for Aram and React!. The aforementioned pictures have come not from my creative mind or hand, but from elsewhere on the internet. The images were just too damn funny to pass up. Here is a more appropriate picture of Aram to set the record straight:

The only thing that could make this picture more legit would be Aram's hand showing his 'just the right width' X. None of that excessively wide XveganX stuff on his hand, nor any of the dudes in this band.

Keep the X's and the humor subtle, y'all...

I used to fly NWA, but now I'm logging miles for React!

Forget carry on fees, non-vegan in-flight meals or movies that aren't The Breakfast Club and Breaking Away, I've got a red-eye floating on positive vibes across that jet stream...


The Quiet Before The Storm...

Yeah, so it was a quiet fall for the RxI crew, but that doesn't mean that we're not rolling in like an El Nino storm over the next six or seven months.

We've got a few shows up our sleeve including next week's A Time We'll Remember Fest in the greater Lemoyne, PA metropolitan area.

We'll follow this up with studio and a hometown show time in January and another trip to California in April for the React Showcase at 924 Gilman in Berkeley. I love this venue and it will be great to share a weekend with all our friends from across the country. If all goes well, we'll even have a new record available at the showcase...

We hope to have PNW dates lined up in June with some other React! bands, so keep an eye posted to this here blog and we'll go from there.

All this flying has had me parting ways with records on the capitalist machine that is Ebay, so thanks to everyone who took a GIA/Blue Monday split or other 7" off my hands. We also have some new 7"s that came out this summer thanks to Robert and Jeff at Refuse and Bottled Up. You can help out those great folks at React!, Bottled Up and Refuse Records who have helped us out, by picking up a 7" or a shirt sometime soon. Then, learn those words and come see us in Lemoyne, Cleveland, Berkeley, and the Great Northwest.

In the meantime, be sure to watch American Teen on DVD, root against USC and of course, ride your damn bicycle.


New Songs

The Hessman (not the one you see to the left, that's Howard Hesseman, aka Dr. Johnny Fever) and I got together last night to nail down the finishing touches on 5 new songs.

Yes, five. I am equally impressed.

There's 2 more that aren't fully realized plus a cover or 2.

So that's like what? 15 or 20 total? I can't keep up!

No definite word on which ones will be recorded or released and which ones can or will be played live, but I would say it's a safe bet you will hear at least one performed at the show next weekend at the Champ.

So don't miss it!