Right Way 2010: European Tour

As you may know, we've been planning a European Tour for the last couple months, and it looks like all of my childhood hardcore music dreams are moving towards reality.

Right Idea: Right Way 2010

17.07. Germany, Berlin w / Your Fucking Nightmare
18.07. Germany, Hamburg
19.07. Denmark, tba
20.07. Sweden, Lund tba
21.07. Norway, Oslo tba
22.07. Norway, Stavanger tba
23.07. Sweden, Gothenburg 24.07. Sweden, Linkoping, Deadfest w/ Earth Crisis, First Blood
25.07. Czech Republic, Rokicany, Fluff Fest
26.07. Czech Republic, Prague w/ Unrestrained, Regres
27.07. Poland, Częstochowa
28.07. Austria, Wien, tba
29.07. Germany, Nunchritz w/ Ramming Speed
30.07. Holland, Tillburg, tba
31.07. Belgium, Mol, HC Fest
1.08. UK tba
2.08. UK tba

So in preparation for this, Hess is pumping iron, I'm going raw foods, Chuck is getting tattooed, John is getting a haircut and Geoff is skating every day. I think we'll be ready by July, especially since Robert at Refuse Records has been laboring tirelessly to help us put out two new releases!

Coming soon to Refuse Records:

Right Way 7": This is the 8 new songs we recorded with John D at Negative Space in January. It's a straight forward hardcore record, you know, a couple colors of vinyl and the clean layout of one John Millin's design hand/mind. It's also the first record we wrote/recorded with Geoff in the band, so you know it's good. You can still hear a new track here.

Our Way Discography CD, one easy-to-find volume of all of our recorded works including rare and b-side tracks and covers. This includes the Demo, Our World EP, the cd sampler, the Right Way record and some b-side tracks from the archives. The idea was to put all of our tracks together for kids in places where vinyl is expensive to ship, the internet doesn't make it easily downloaded, and turntables might not be super common. We hope to have this distributed worldwide, so please get in touch with Robert Refuse if you'd like to carry it in the Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, the Ukraine, South Africa, Fiji, wherever.

To get ready for all of this, we're going to be playing on Friday April 23rd at the Tower with the Basement Boys. We'll see you there. Until then, here's a video:


Dangers--Messy isn't it?

My near and dear friends, Al and Tim, Justin and Teenager do a band called Dangers and they have a new record, Messy, isn't it?

It is pissed. It is fast. They put a lot of time and soul into it, and now they're going all around the world in support of it.

Here is my one sentence review of the record:

Sometimes, you feel like you're on top of the world, other times you feel like a piece of insignificant shit, and then you're pissed at everyone around you, and finally you come to terms with the fact that you may be content, but you can never be complacent with yourself or the world around you.

If you have some scrilla to spare, head over to the vitriol records webstore and pick it up

If you want to stream a track, you can do that too.