The People in Your Neighborhood

Ok, so we've covered the fact(s) that we've got new songs, new shows, and a new record on the way. Once we can let you know more about that we will, but in the meantime -- here's a little snippit of the recording featuring some of our best friends in sing-along fashion.

You can stream/download it here.

(You thought I was kidding, huh?)

Just consider it a little Easter Egg from us to you all -- only a month or so early. See if you can name all the people in our neighborhood (there's a hint or 3 in the tags below).

And here's another pic of that fateful day (courtesy of Jeff Grey):

Word! See you in March!


XSLABAX said...

HOLY SHIT!!!! This track is so fucking cool. I love it!!! This track was brought to you today by the NUMBER 2010 and the letter X!!!

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