You may have or may not have known this was in the works, but nonetheless, the European release of the self-titled EP 7" (the songs originally appeared on the demo cassette here in the states) now finally has had some details attached to it . . .

(And, yeah, I know we don't have a myspace, but it doesn't mean we don't use it -- and here's some proof of that.)

From: REFUSE RECORDS(Birds Of…) | myspace.com/refuserecords

To: * [John] John | myspace.com/johncommitted

Date: May 7, 2009 9:35 AM

Subject: RE: RE: Re: RIGHT IDEA

Body: Hello John
I got all the stuff, thanx [sic] a lot! Right Idea 7" songs are great and I'm stoked to work on this release. Tomorrow I'll go to studio to make shorter space bewteen [sic] the songs. I have to also do small correctness of my adress [sic] on the back cover, but it's just details. Everything looks very good!

I'll keep you posted about everything. I hope to have it out before end of July, on Fluff Fest in czech [sic] Republic.
Is there any shows you're playing this summer? What about Euro tour, any plans?

thanx [sic] for everything and take care!

So what's that all mean? Looks like the long-awaited European release of the Right Idea self-titled EP 7" will be available this July (before the Fluff Fest July 24-26). Email Robert through the myspaces listed above or go to his site at http://refuserecords.prv.pl/ and get at him for pre-orders, etc . . .

The cover art is above, and here's the back cover:

Don't worry -- the insert will have some new and never-before seen photos, but you'll have to wait for those!