Blind Justice

The year 1997 should be remembered for 2 things to hardcore kids in Cleveland, Ohio: The Rebirth of Hardcore; and The Cleveland Indians Baseball Club. David Justice was hands down one of the best baseball players I've ever seen in my life -- standing out among a lineup of future HOFers: Ramirez, Hershiser, Alomar, Giles, Thome, Colon and a few guys who played like HOFers that year: Matt Williams, Jaret Wright, and Charlie Nagy. Not to mention he was in the top 5 in MVP voting 5 times over in his injury shortened career -- '97 stood out, with post-season heroics aplenty. Oh yeah, and he had a girl with him while he was here, but I forgot her name.

Not to mention a certain member of One Life Crew insisting we (Clevo Kids) all wear "JUSTICE 33" player t's. I'm not making this up. But they really did look "hard." Maybe not as hard as that "X" hat, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.



Disclaimer: Right Idea as a unit are equal parts omnivore, vegan, vegitarian, and carnivore. The following is one "right idea" among many, as stolen from GoVeg.com on this holiday.
Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Turkeys

1. They're Begging Your Pardon
Turkeys are “smart animals with personality and character, and keen awareness of their surroundings,” Oregon State University poultry scientist Tom Savage says. Turkeys are social, playful birds who enjoy the company of others. They relish having their feathers stroked and like to chirp, cluck, and gobble along to their favorite tunes. Anyone who spends time with them at farm sanctuaries quickly learns that turkeys are as varied in personality as dogs and cats. The president “pardons” a turkey every year—can't you pardon one too?

2. Get Rid of Your Wattle
Turkey flesh is brimming with fat. Just one homemade patty of ground, cooked turkey meat contains a whopping 244 mg of cholesterol, and half of its calories come from fat. Research has shown that vegetarians are 50 percent less likely to develop heart disease, and they have 40 percent of the cancer rate of meat-eaters. Plus, meat-eaters are nine times more likely to be obese than vegans are.

3. Can You Spell ‘Pandemic’?
Experts are warning that a virulent new strain of bird flu could spread to human beings and kill millions of Americans. The current administration is trying to deal with the problem, but experts warn that current factory-farm conditions, in which turkeys are drugged up and bred to grow so quickly they can barely walk, are a prescription for disease outbreaks.

4. Recall Process Doesn't Fly
The U.S. government is the only government in the Western world that does not have the power to recall contaminated animal products. The Center for Science in the Public Interest found that 28 percent of fresh turkeys were contaminated with bacteria, primarily with campylobacter, for which the USDA does not even require testing.

5. Let the Turkeys Give Thanks!
Let's face it: If you're eating a turkey, that's a corpse you've got there on the table, and if you don't eat it quickly enough, it will decompose. Is that really what we want as the centerpiece of a holiday meal: an animal's dead and decaying carcass? Thanksgiving is a time to take stock of our lives and give thanks for all that we have, so why not let the turkeys give thanks too?

6. Want Stuffing With Your Supergerms?
Dosing turkeys with antibiotics to stimulate their growth and to keep them alive in filthy, disease-ridden conditions that would otherwise kill them poses even more risks for people who eat them. Leading health organizations—including the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, and the American Public Health Association—have warned that by giving powerful drugs (via animal products) to humans who are not sick, the farmed-animal industry is creating possible long-term risks to human health and will spread antibiotic-resistant supergerms.

7. Without a Wing and a Prayer
On factory farms, turkeys live for months in sheds where they are packed so tightly that flapping a wing or stretching a leg is nearly impossible. They stand in waste, and urine and ammonia fumes burn their eyes and lungs. At the slaughterhouse, turkeys have their throats slit while they are still conscious. Those who miss the automated knife are scalded to death in the defeathering tank.

8. Foul Farming
Anyone who has driven by a farm has probably smelled it first from a mile away. Turkeys and other animals raised for food produce 130 times as much excrement as the entire U.S. human population—all without the benefit of waste treatment systems. There are no federal guidelines to regulate how factory farms treat, store, and dispose of the trillions of pounds of concentrated, untreated animal excrement that they produce each year.

9. Blood, Sweat, and Fear
Killing animals is inherently dangerous work, but the fast line speeds, the dirty, slippery killing floors, and the lack of training make animal-processing plants some of the most dangerous places to work in America today.

10. A Cornucopia of Turkey Alternatives
Give up the giblets and carve out a new tradition this Thanksgiving—Tofurky Roast and UnTurkey, savory soy- and wheat-based roasts with stuffing and gravy or oven-roasted, peppered, hickory-smoked, or cranberry- and stuffing-flavored Tofurky Deli Slices. Give animals and yourself something to be really thankful for this year!


React Records: New Straight Edge Label...

Aram Arslanian of Champion/Betrayed/The First Step fame has started REACT! records. Get the Most's Core Values demo will be released on vinyl as their first record. Keep all eyes peels for this shit--it looks very, very crucial.

Ole Johnson is a real cracker--peep his realness (especially if you're a single edgewoman...).



This blog has been inactive for far too long. We finally did something worth writing about lastnight. Almost all of Right Idea got together lastnight for some pizza!!! Well before we ate there was some Madden 08 going on, talk of covers, stage moves/faces, and John and I practiced together. While Nate is far far away, busy with school the rest of us have to keep on point. There was also talk of our first and second show. Although the locations and dates are not certain yet, we are thinking sometime in the very early days of 2008.  Thank you to everyone who has ordered the demo! We really have been receiving orders from all around the globe. If you have ordered one and the mail man/women has not dropped it in your mail box yet, please be patient.  Jeff got pretty bombared with orders for a second and he is trying his best to keep up. (Please refer to I Try on the right side of the page).  Also, new artwork and shirts should be popping up soon. So keep an eye out for that. One more thing...don't forget to checkout Balance, Let Down, Mother of Mercy, and Trapped Under Ice. (my personal playlist as of late!)


I ain't wastin' my breath on you or any of your kind...

A brief update of hardcore news, straight edge and not:

Malfunction was merged with Deathwish (old news, I know)
Trash Talk is on Malfunction/Deathwish. They Rip.
Go see them on tour this year: Deathwish Incorporated

Andy Rice (sinking ships, booking agent extraordinaire) is moving from Seattle to Boston to play in the momentum-gaining Meltdown. We wish him the best of luck and remember when he was just a little edgeman in The Physical Challenge. By the way ladies, he's single and of latin origins...

Vanguard has new tracks up. Their new record should be as hard as the tundra that wolves are bred on. They played with ruiner on November 14th in Seattle. Shit was tight.

Speaking of wolves, Grave Maker is hungry and looking for some kills: Gravemaker on the 'space

Floppy Matt of the Answer is into Soccer, so is his new band: Foul Play

Hour of the Wolf had their gear stolen in Columbus last week. Be careful in Ohio, those guys from Hawthorne Heights got with honor's cash box (Cleveland), Love is Red's trailer (Cleveland), and now Hour of the Wolf's shit (Columbus). Screamo thieves...

Keep it Clear is Vancouver's newest edge game. Ex-members all over, this stands very well on its own.

There is snow falling in Washington's mountain passes: The Summit

Cro-Mags. Skinhead. Breakout.


Edge of Quarrel--Xcinematic masterpieceX

Dave Excursion re-released edge of quarrel on DVD. You can win the phone from the movie if you order the dvd.

You may also commence wondering how division II Seattle Pacific University defeated the University of Washington in Women's B-ball last night. I suppose Dennis Kucinich may be America's next president after this occurence.

Viva love,



Evidently A Few of You Do

Holy shit!

Demo orders coming in from all over! Rad! We really hope to get all orders filled this weekend -- if you haven't gotten in on this yet -- check the info on the right-hand border of the blog. It's all there -- mail, paypal, whatever.


The way I see it...

(American) Football:
Stanford and Washington--Stanford by 13.

Ohio State and Wisconsin--OSU by 10

Straight Edge:
Right Idea--Demo out now (Look to your right)

Cleveland/Northeastish shows in December/January--Northwest/Westish shows in March---7" out this winter tba.


Sick Classic Olmo

After seeing the above bike and owning a sweet olmo myself, I vote that an Italian label should put out our demo on vinyl.

I also vote that everybody vote next week and then peep this: Russian Hardline

Who cares if it's in Russian? They hate white pride and love the straight edge--that's fucking hard.

Also Hard Let us fight white pride


My Take

This past weekend was such a great time. Me, Jeff (half of Right Idea), Nick, Dana, Ed, Mike, Shaun, Taylor, and Bob some how all made it to the the church.  My ride down was 100 mph, non-stop laughing, with a few swerves, and 70-0 mph in 2 seconds along the way. We left Saturday afternoon in a rented Impala headed to Allentown Pa where Jeff's friend Steph lives. She let us crash at her place for the night. After showing us to a wonderful dinner at a 50's diner we began the search for a Kinkos/copy machine. Driving around Allentown really reminded me of the movie Groundhog Day. Not in the whole stuck in the same day sort of way, but the scenery and surroundings.   We found that all the copy places were closed... Wallgreens does not have copy machines available for public use... and Hess Express gas stations only have parking for Hess's.  We really needed to finish the Demos so we could sell them at the Floorpunch show. We came back to Stephs and decided we would take care of it in the morning.  I woke up to eggs, toast, and pancakes...Steph is a great host/cook/driver. She drove us to the church in Philly. We arrived to the show, met Joe Hardcore and enjoyed a bag of chips he purchased for us. Well, mostly Dana and Ed did the enjoying.  We also watched a kid get punched in the face while walking to the end of the line to get in. I'm not sure why he got hit and judging buy the look on his face i don't think he did either. Speaking of Judge, Robby sang two songs with the band Let Down. (check out let down, awesome new edge band from PA.) That was awesome to see. I would say the 1:30 show had a ton more people than the 7:00 show. I saw more older hardcore guys at the early show. Hess was pretty popular, running into old friends and such. Jeff and I started selling the demo inbetween bands. We got rid of 20 or 30... I think. Some people came up to Jeff and asked for the demo. That was really cool. When Floorpunch played the place went nuts. The whole set was one giant sing-a-long. I am so happy that I was able to attend. The friends that had to stay back for different reasons were missed for sure, but it would not have been the same if the people I went with were not there.