This blog has been inactive for far too long. We finally did something worth writing about lastnight. Almost all of Right Idea got together lastnight for some pizza!!! Well before we ate there was some Madden 08 going on, talk of covers, stage moves/faces, and John and I practiced together. While Nate is far far away, busy with school the rest of us have to keep on point. There was also talk of our first and second show. Although the locations and dates are not certain yet, we are thinking sometime in the very early days of 2008.  Thank you to everyone who has ordered the demo! We really have been receiving orders from all around the globe. If you have ordered one and the mail man/women has not dropped it in your mail box yet, please be patient.  Jeff got pretty bombared with orders for a second and he is trying his best to keep up. (Please refer to I Try on the right side of the page).  Also, new artwork and shirts should be popping up soon. So keep an eye out for that. One more thing...don't forget to checkout Balance, Let Down, Mother of Mercy, and Trapped Under Ice. (my personal playlist as of late!)

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