(Don't) Steal This Book

This is our good friend Chris from Mindset's life work. Well, actually his "2-year" work, but that doesn't sound nearly as good. He's a photographer, he's in a band, they're on the road a lot. Put 1 and 1 and 1 together and you get awesome. Here's the link to pre-order the book. And here's the little write-up from the site:

So over the past 2 years I have been documenting Mindset while we have been on tour. I have compiled a bunch of photos together into book format. They will be 32 pages at 7×7 inches (18×18 centimeters). Orders will ship two weeks after pre-order is over December 31st 2009. Some photos can be seen on www.chrisbavaria.com

April 9th and 10th: React! Records Fest in Berkeley, CA

Straight from Aram himself:
April 9th and 10th
7 Seconds
Get the Most
Right Idea
Common Cause
Keep It Clear
True Colors
Gone But Not Forgotten
Not Sorry
924 Gilman St. Berkeley, CA 94701
More info coming soonish, but you can chew on that for awhile."

The humble, part-time machine that is Right Idea is incredibly stoked to grace Gilman with our presence again, not to mention play with our friends and label mates in Not Sorry, Mindset, Circles, GBNF, ON, Get 'Mo, Common Cause and Betrayed.

If all goes as planned, we'll be playing our way down and back with those studly vegans (and Adam) from Not Sorry. Their 7" is now out on Lifeline Records (Props to Joe Rieman for another killer release), with a European pressing rolling with the Portugese Salad Days Recordings. Good on them, eh? They've been working hard, from Syracuse to DC and throughout the Northwest's stretch of the I-5 corridor.

More updates will follow quite soon with all the details, but if you're in Olympia, Portland or Seattle, much less Berkeley, then get ready.

I'm gettin' all worked up just thinking about this weekend, and it's four months out. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to cool down with the new Not Sorry jams:


Collector Profile: Jay Jacoby

You may already know the name from his art (examples here and here and here), but you may not know that Jay Jacoby is, among other things, a HUGE collector of all things hardcore and straight edge, and RIGHT IDEA has it's own private little section in his annuls.

According to Jay: "I think that these are the things I'm missing: Red WCWeekend shirt / Yellow Tape Demo / Demo 7" Transition / Demo 7" Transition 2 . . . Kinda sick, I know."

Not just "kinda" -- it's super-sick. We're impressed, Jay!

Check out this pic of his color combinations:

And go here to keep up on his art.



React! Records Merch Sale

Aram is cleaning out the closet, so be sure to pre-spend that holiday loot. You know what I'm saying here, the $50 grandma was going to send but forgot to because the cat was sick and uncle Virgil needed his socks mended. The sale may be over, but that doesn't the releases from GBNF, ON and Carry On aren't still hanging around the React! HQ.

A Time We'll Remember take three

So the fact that Sunny S. at Hate5six.com continues to film hardcore and put it up in quality videos--for FREE--is pretty awesome. Think of how awesome kids will find it in 2020 when they want to see (new) old Floorpunch sets or sets by Betrayed or Verse or any number of bands that may carry well into the next decade. Kids will be moshing in their room to the Burning Fight sets, the This is Hardcore fest and many NJ/Philly shows in between!

Sunny hooked it up in full force at A Time We'll Remember fest, grabbing our ugly mugs on film again with the rest of the great bands that made the trek to play some hardcore.

Sunny, from all of us in Right Idea, thanks a lot man!

You can find our set here as well as those of Mindset, Alert, Outlast, Up Front and more here.