LLEP part 3


whats up praha? whats up blessedlabelclothing.com whats up rearranged crew? much love, hope all is well in russia. whats up arnold? whats up jocha jola? and most importantly whats up VINCENT VINCENSO!


LLEP part 2


whats up czech? whats up fluff fest? whats up shawn for unrestrained? whats up cool kid crowd surfing? dude traveled with his dad just to see us for like 5 out of 9 dates. dope. whats up in love couple? whats up night sky? crew pixx. GO!


2nd Verse, Same As the First

Received in the mail (A FEW MONTHS BACK) a package that looked like a bomb. Turned out it was just a "bomb-diggity" record. Our record to be more exact.

The second pressing of the 7" EP Right Way is now available on our BigCartel store. Follow the link on the right side of the page to order it now.

It's pretty awesome.

Or at least, we like it.


Long lost euro pixxx part one


we arrived to SWE. hardcore scene there is dope. Check it here shout to beyond pink and self abuse. Kalle whats up! we hit the beach then the show. crepes for dinner. next, NOR. shout out to EVOLVE. great dudes. young dudes. straight edge. whats up Trogeir! did some push ups, played a show, took a crew shot. shout out to Stephan for the sleeping arrangements. GO!


Nottingham Show August 2010

Just found these photos c/o our boy Chris from Ireland! What's up man? Hope you're well. Photo cred goes to Gabor from one hour oustide of London... very Hungarian! Times Together was on this show with us. Great band, great friends. Check out their new merch and updates here!



From Adam Hashemi comes yet another get short film. Enjoy.

The Party from Adam Hashemi on Vimeo.

Make sure you check out his others...


Maneko Straight Edge

Check out this video I found while on my usual surf after work. I can't wait to travel to Brazil and get tattooed by this dude.

Maneko - Mini doc from 13thUnit on Vimeo.


Don't forget about Jeff Hess and the Right Idea's LIVE this Saturday Grog Shop Cleveland, USA.