Huskies beat point spread (but not USC), Refuse Records update, No. 3 Oklahoma...

USC beat the Huskies of Washington 27-24, but making underdog wagers worth the while as the Huskies more than covered a 21 point spread.

In related news, Refuse Records (Names for Graves, Champion, Blank Stare, Hit Me Back) has some new records including that of FxPxOx and Seein' Red in split cd format. Go! is also back with a new 7" and Boston's Blank Stare is still one of the best straight edge bands you may have never rocked out to.

Friday night Get the Most covered Flame Still Burns and the West Seattle Legion Hall looked like, well, a legion hall full of straight edge kids singing along to Youth of Today. It was better than Colorado's upset of number three Oklahoma, which was as you may know, pretty sweet.

Viva X's, O's and another week of school, work and D-I college football (not to be confused with Futbol for our international readers).


Crucial Response and One Voice Updates...

Crucial Response Records (Brotherhood, Get the Most, Man Lifting Banner, etc) has an update on One Voice:

"The debut 7" of ONE VOICE is out now! Break Free has six superb songs which are in the vein of East Coast hardcore bands such as YOT and the likes.. One Voice is currently on tour. If you wanna catch them live click on the show section. You can still order the 7" on blue vinyl and the silkscreen record release show version but don't wait too long it might be sold out soon. Take a listen to one of the songs by clicking here. The CD of the 7" with bonus stuff will come out later this year"

Have a good weekend kids, car mosh to Cro-Mags, make your latte soy and watch Washington's Huskies get destroyed by #1 USC.

Logos, Logos, Logos

Not to be confused with Logos.

Oh, My God. She's So Hot. She's So Flippin' Hot. She's Like a Curry. I Want to Tell Her Hot She Is, But She'll Think I'm Being Sexist.

She's So Hot She's Making Me Sexist. Bitch.


Shows This Weekend in the NW

The fine young men of Vanguard, Living in Ruins, Behold and Get the Most have some shows coming up this weekend. Lots of these people play X'ed up.

Get Mo'
Living in the U-district (in ruins)

If you have relatives who died of the plague, you might live in Europe. If you do in fact live in Europe, go see Sinking Ships wrap up their (final?) European tour.

That band Andy Rice plays drums for
The Brother (and sister)hood--one family

Lastly, if you have never heard Wait in Vain, they've been back for a while with Timm from Trial fame doing vocal duties:

Wait in Vain
Panic Records

Who wants to go take brotherhood pictures on Queen Anne with me now?

Jo Bo Blows!


ALDS Fever!

No, it's not some fancy new designer STD or anything. The Tribe has clinched the AL Central . . . We're certain it's no coincidence that it coincides with the return of the Cleveland Youth Crew -- it's the right idea! Did I mention I've got tickets?

Well, I've got tickets.

Go Tribe!


Having the Right Idea...

When I left Cleveland for Seattle and quit Names for Graves, lots of things were going well, Cleveland was a young scene (I'd say mostly class of 2003-2006) full of optimistic people and kids doing shows, doing bands, going to shows, repping the edge hard. Somewhere in that good time, I decided that I needed a change of intellectual pace and the University of Washington was a place abound with opportunities over CSU.

I also wanted to play in bands out west, but aside from a scab job every now and again, I was never quite at home band wise in Seattle and stayed a student and hardcore kid.

The scene was great when I got out here, Champion, Go it Alone, In Stride, Betrayed, The Answer, Sinking Ships, Shook Ones were all busting ass and Trial had just reunited for one ridiculous last show. Shows were big and frequent and for a while, The I-5 corridor got more touring bands than anywhere. At Both Ends was the best thing since Steinbeck (if nine ever makes it out, it still will be!). Somehow, in all that amazing hardcore, I managed to not be in a band and aside from occasional contributions to ABE, working at el camino and moshing for Blue Monday, I wasn't doing too much with the core. Yeah I was in school, yeah I traveled every month to some random far off place to research and read and write--no I never did a band.

I returned from work on my Senior Thesis a few weeks early in 2008 and while sitting at the court date of one Mr. Alex Kellar, got a call from Mr. John Millin who basically said, "Straight Edge band, you in?"

I'd been starved of playing in a band for the better part of two years, my edge, soooo tight through visits to Australia, New Zealand, the rural intermountain west, working in a bar. I was, and still am, very much 'in.' I have a chance to play straight edge hardcore with friends of old (and new, word up Chuck!) based out of a town I'm very proud to be from--Cleveland, Ohio.

At casa de la Millin, smiles were had writing the demo--every practice. There were posi jumps in the studio. I played drums X'ed up for the recording on a borrowed drum kit (thanks Alex!). We agreed that merch will only be on white shirts and that crew necks are not dead. I believe that we now have the right idea.

Four friends playing youth crew hardcore.

The Right Idea: Cleveland Straight Edge

Like It Says on the Varsity Jacket...

RIGHT IDEA is now officially the name of the band and I wanna give all the credit to the man who came up with this perfect name: Mir Ali (of Look Beyond Fanzine and "Houston's Best Edgeman" fame). Mir has been a good friend of mine for quite some years now and will be playing a vital part in RIGHT IDEA for some time to come -- as his ideas for bands are always just that: right. I can't thank him, John, Nate and Chuck enough for giving me a chance to do what I've wanted to do since I first put a BOLD shirt over a hoodie on when I was 12. Together, our strength will be breaking through -- all across the globe.


2 Tickets to Paradise (Updates)

The Band is formed, the Demo's cut, now... Artwork.

We have been discussing a few ideas here and there about shirts, layouts, and logos. Everyone is doing their part to contribute. There's even rumor of Mishic drawings, can't wait. I drew some ideas up last night and sent them for review (I'd post them but that's not the RIGHT IDEA).

You'll have to get your own tickets and make the journey to Philly in late October to get yours.

That's it for updates.


As Golden As the 7"

One of my favorite Floorpunch shows was at GWSU in early '98. The show was with such other bands as The Trust, Fastbreak, GCF (first show), I think In My Eyes, Longshot (best set ever and I missed it! Ferkler fronted bands rule), Proclamation and some others. It took Mishic 20 minutes to get his X's right in the car before we went in. The distro at this show was insane! I had to turn down a Judge LP on green for $15 'cause I had spent so much money on the explosion of new rad recs of the time. Not to mention I knew Double Decker (Allentown, PA's best record store) would, of course, be a stop on the way home. So many kids were diving and singing along for every song, but unfortunately there was a fight during the Trust's set and security threatened to shut the show down -- which would have sucked. Matters cooled and it was time for the mighty FP to take the stage. As if their set wasn't insane enough, (even during the cover off of UC's Screaming For Change, security is on edge) that's when Porter decides to yell "Fuck this place up," followed quickly by a quiet "just kidding." Well, instantly the dudes from Barfight and VA knew what to do; and in the midst of amps unplugged and lights shut off you had to keep an eye out for flying ceiling tiles and kids soaring thru the air in insanely awesome stagedive fashion. After this show I became hooked on seeing FP as much as I could no matter where they were in the country. I was a 'travelling fool' as Porter labeled it. Now once again I will make the trek to see the best band from that era.
"In Europe probably Germany I sang from the back stage area and Jeremy was on stage lip synching into a banana, kids were not happy. One other time we slowed all the songs down to have like rap beats ala. funky drummer again kids unhappy... One show I played Tetris the whole set while sitting... Guess what? Kids not happy." -Porter
...can't wait for the banter!

Pic of Porter from Xmas '88.

We All Get Hot Sometimes...

Right now I'm hot on this beauty.

That's a 24 carat gold 1977 Olmo Speciale. All Campagnolo and Cinelli parts, fresh outta the Swiss lands.

This is the gold fronts of bikes, the yacht of roadsters, the Clerks of Kevin Smith films, the Slither of hardcore records. . .ahh, nevermind the ExC reference, but peep it.

More sickness here. Watch the materialism materialize here.

Also, watch out for Get the Most on their East Coast Weekend in October to celebrate National Edge Day. I saw Mr. Deville on Wednesday and he informed me that fades will be tight and X's will be hella fat.

Follow that jam: Legitimate Bros.


This Is My Team!

Holy Shit! The Indians' 2008 alternate home jerseys have been announced! Say good-bye to those horrible Sunday Softball Team vests and that insipid "I" logo! Let's all welcome back the block letter "C" from our youth, and while we're at it -- tell the player names to hit the road as well! We can't exactly see the hosiery from the above, but can you even imagine if there's a return to the 2-color striping from the 40's and 50's? Oh my!

There's quite a few other team changes in the works for the '08 season, check out this forum for your home squads' -- but Cleveland's return to a classic look is surely the most satisfying out there! Here's the complete release for the Tribe's changes for 2008:

-Elimination of current alternate home uniform
-Addition of alternate home uniform and cap
-Removal of metallic silver in all Club logo, uniform lettering and marks
So what does this mean, for you -- Chung King searcher outer? As cities' sports teams go, so go the merch for the hardXcore. It's a fact. Check it: Boston -- it's all there: Harvard colors, Celtic Arching, University lettering, "Yankees Suck" style Ts. New York -- not even a question: the fabled ny X hc is derivative of the Yankees logo to be sure. Euro bands have always borrowed from their local squads' kit designs -- hell, MOTORHEAD even lent their logo to a team of kids. The list continues on and on . . .

So not that we weren't already well on our way -- goes without saying I'm a bit Indians Obsessed -- expect arced letter shirts and classic stylie.

After all, it is the right idea.



By now you've heard about the FLOORPUNCH reunion. We can't wait, it'll be a chance for us all to relive a few great memories, hang out with some great friends, and try to help out another. We all love Robby Redcheeks -- and he's become such a part of every scene, and Cleveland's no exception -- from riding along with OLC, setting up shows for COMMITTED, to still keeping up and taking pics for CHEAP TRAGEDIES -- he's always bent over backwards for the Cleveland Core.
So we're all planning on heading out to the show at the end of October, and Jeff's informed me it'll be one of the first opportunities you'll have to pick up a copy of the demo in person . . . here's the transcript:
overtheedge97 ordered tapes anyways cause how rad is it gonna be seeing a kid selling cassette demos out of a shoebox at the FP show ala old 97 shows

setstr8 hahaha. for real!

overtheedge97 haha yeah i will be selling them there. alot of kids are it should be fun

setstr8 we should do an og convoy

overtheedge97 that's what i said

setstr8 clif driving one car at 35mph

overtheedge97 hahaha. not in that car

So yeah, it's official: FLOORPUNCH reunion, cassette demos, and Clevo invades Philly one more time.

Monch it up!


Typographic Spree

The fabled Schism font -- courtesy of Dobek Ohashi of Crucial Times in Tokyo, Japan. I guess if you want it as an actual factual font, so you can make your own JUDGE boot longsleeves, you should email him. He's amazing, supports the edge and has hot sisters. Word up.


Independence Day

Another Ten Years

We just finished up mixing the other day on this project, and I can honestly say I'm as stoked for this as I've been for anything in some time now. Practices, recording in the studio with John D, and getting a few more chances to hang out with Jeff, Chuck and Nate was righteous (as always). I also met Sam, who proved he has "the right idea" -- not to mention he can count on beat and start with his thumb as "one" (As anyone can attest -- that is the only way to count in the studio. Seriously).

So the hope is that you'll get to read a few posts from each of us introducing ourselves and whatnot. Then, as things transpire, we'll announce any shows, releases, or good anecdotes we come across.

Or else we'll just totally slack off and not do anything. (Current odds 4:1 for the latter -- & stay away from the over) So in the the meantime, don't look for us collectively on Myspace -- we're not there -- If You Cared... has become our virtual home.


You'd Change

If you cared
You'd fucking change
You'd change!

- If You Cared