As Golden As the 7"

One of my favorite Floorpunch shows was at GWSU in early '98. The show was with such other bands as The Trust, Fastbreak, GCF (first show), I think In My Eyes, Longshot (best set ever and I missed it! Ferkler fronted bands rule), Proclamation and some others. It took Mishic 20 minutes to get his X's right in the car before we went in. The distro at this show was insane! I had to turn down a Judge LP on green for $15 'cause I had spent so much money on the explosion of new rad recs of the time. Not to mention I knew Double Decker (Allentown, PA's best record store) would, of course, be a stop on the way home. So many kids were diving and singing along for every song, but unfortunately there was a fight during the Trust's set and security threatened to shut the show down -- which would have sucked. Matters cooled and it was time for the mighty FP to take the stage. As if their set wasn't insane enough, (even during the cover off of UC's Screaming For Change, security is on edge) that's when Porter decides to yell "Fuck this place up," followed quickly by a quiet "just kidding." Well, instantly the dudes from Barfight and VA knew what to do; and in the midst of amps unplugged and lights shut off you had to keep an eye out for flying ceiling tiles and kids soaring thru the air in insanely awesome stagedive fashion. After this show I became hooked on seeing FP as much as I could no matter where they were in the country. I was a 'travelling fool' as Porter labeled it. Now once again I will make the trek to see the best band from that era.
"In Europe probably Germany I sang from the back stage area and Jeremy was on stage lip synching into a banana, kids were not happy. One other time we slowed all the songs down to have like rap beats ala. funky drummer again kids unhappy... One show I played Tetris the whole set while sitting... Guess what? Kids not happy." -Porter
...can't wait for the banter!

Pic of Porter from Xmas '88.


Hess said...

John it refit the pic and cut out Porter I think this is a direct link to the pic, can you edit this... http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/803/xmasmoshporter88pc9.jpg

John Committed said...

fixed! word.

T x POT said...

First non-band-member to leave something. I'm glad my teacher made us make a blog account.

Chuck, I came in Lo-Lo's bed.
Hess, You play for Detriot