The Cheap Tragedies gatefold LP Volume 1: Souvenirs & Evidence on Mad At The World Records is now available for pre-order from matwrecords.com. Go there and sweep it up before they're gone.



Rev HQ

The 12" EP Our World is up and available through Rev HQ now. Oh, and we were included in the weekly mail-out last week:

>> RXR002 Right Idea "Our World" 12"ep $11.00
>> Representing a positive and straight edge lifestyle, Cleveland, OH's
>> Right Idea feature members of Committed and play mid-late '80s
>> styled hardcore that brings to mind such greats as No For An Answer,
>> Straight Ahead and Uniform Choice. React! Records.



Edge Day

I rushed home from a rummy hangout tonight at Cilfs house to post this, I'm an hour of so late but it's the thought that counts right (idea)? Happy Edge Day to all those Edge dudes and dudets out there. I wonder how the Have Heart show went in hammerville? Is that where it was? Man, I forget. Anyway, the celebration and another year of the edge should have been celebrated today. Should be celebrated everyday, I think i kinda do but today especially. While some have chosen to turn in their X's this year a friend is a friend and i cherish that more than anything.

Trash Talk MONDAY

Phonographic Arts MONDAY

Skarhead Tuesday





In Case You Missed It . . .

The incomparable Double Cross web zine put up this interview with Hess from way back when up a few weeks back. Tickle the linkle here for a full read and some sweet pics.


Mad Minds

Good news yall, our boy Scotty from Crrumbus just announced that the pre-orders for the new Mad Minds 7in as well as the new Triceratops 12iner are up on LEAVE EM RECORDS. He is putting out the War Pigs 7in too. That Savages song rips! And on top of that you can order all three for like 15 bucks. I chose that option. (Get Like Me) The new Mad Minds is really really good. I haven't heard any new Tri songs yet, but the art is awesome. I really suggest getting on the pre-order tip. Just think, there's a Mad Minds song called 30 minutes of mosh. Moshing for 30 mins! That's my dream. I really think the only dudes that could last along with myself are either Franzy or Taylor. I don't think the rest of yas have it in you. You gotta mosh.

Some other news. Tony Erba was featured on the Double Cross Webzine on monday. Right Idea interview is there somewhere. I'm looking hard (NH) X'ed up in Hess's small ass shirt because Uncle I mean Daddy Johno wouldn't let me wear my $897,809 flannel from supreme... shit I need bass gear, but that's not the point...

Go buy and support hardcore! Mosh too.

OH! Edge Day 2008 is coming up! SATURDAY. Why aren't we playin' that?...


Record Update!

Straight from monsieur Aram:

2/3 of the orders have been sent out. All Distro orders went out today, the remaining US orders will be out Thursday morning, and the last of the international order go out on Friday. This was a pretty huge pre-order for REACT! and there's only have a few hundred records left so if anyone still wants to order now is the time! There are still a few white copies left and then of course lots of black copies.

I'm also excited to see some feedback on the whole package- RXI put out a great record and I feel it came with some interesting stuff. 100% love was put into every step.

--Aram XXX
What can I say? I am so excited about this record finally being in people's hands -- and I can't wait to hear what you all think!




...Are awesome! Yo, TRUE COLORS thanks for comin' and playin' Clevo. Even tho it says Lakewood on your tour shirt yall were in Clevo. It's ok... I mean I get it messed up all the time, I'm a Medina kid that reps CLE it's cool. ANYWAY back to the point. T.C. is a great band and are even better dudes. Good luck the rest of the week and have a safe trip here to there.

This pretty much sums it up...

Packo, if you want to work out jackets let me know. Contact me through here or email me!!

and to James... email me dogg I got you!

and to the rest, thanks to everyone who came out. It meant a lot to us and the other bands. And yall need to get off that board talking about how Davey broke... that dude is just in love... Talk about how good my jumps (and bass dive) was/were and how nice daddy millin looked with his hair all cut nice and how amazing dan did in such limited time and how hesser was soo smooth on the mic. and how bout them recs? ya dig.

and on the Lupe tip... he did it with a full band which was killer, but im not really into that dude.
(no homo)

you must excuse me, but that needed it for real.





Hoping some of yall can clear this up for me. I just bought PAPER TRAIL on my iPhone from iTunes yesterday while I was in class. The record is dope you gotta get it.

Now that I'm back home at the computer, I'm not able to drag my purchase into my library! What's the deal here? The record came with four downloads (a digital booklet and three videos) those were waiting for me to download to my library, but not the album.

What's good? Get at me!




Lotsa Shit

A couple of links yall should link up...

yall gotta go!

and my dude...

ace hood


Jam Of The Week

For real tho, this saturday is going to be awesome! TRUE COLORS, CRUEL HAND, MAD MINDS, FACE REALITY, and US! Where? Lakewood Hi Fi on Detroit. When? Hardcore time. As long as you mosh you'll be on time. Come get a record. There will be cool RI merch from aram and covers. Rumor has it Mad Minds is playing 30 mins of mosh. I WONT STOP!

Who saw Choke? Who saw Burn After Reading? Not really into that playlist flick with george michael, but whatever.

Hey let me use your bass gear for the show!!!! My shit was "stolen" from the tower last week! "fuck."

(no homo).