It's Nice To Have Friends (Redex)

FOTB (friend of the band) Ed just started up an online counterpart to his print 'zine called Rated X and named it Sound And Fury. Sound and Fury is a pretty rad dump to add to your daily blog check-em-outs for, as he puts it:
I hope to provide lots of reasons to come back in the future.
Why another blog? Because I want a way to make hard to find, out of print, live, demo, etc. items available to people like me, who love this kind of music.
What kind of music is that? I love all kinds of music but the kinds I love best is hardcore and punk. I love NYHC, late 80's straight edge music, early 80's punk and lots of modern stuff too. I'm not into that 'heavy hardcore' junk though, so there won't be any of that [at Sound and Fury].
Thanks again to Ed for his hard work and for being a valued FOTB, who knows -- maybe there'll even be a RIGHT IDEA rarities entry from him in the future?

You never can tell.



Off to Buffalo tonight with the other band I play in, CHEAP TRAGEDIES. Really stoked because Sean Sullivan (from Names For Graves and now in Bears) is coming along to shoot some pictures for us.

Good guys, good times, lots of fun.

Let's have at it!


It's Nice To Have Friends

Thanks to Sean at Youngblood for swapping links! Check out the link under, uh "LINKS" to keep up-to-date on one of the best and most consistent 'core labels going (10 years strong)!

Sean's got a COPTIC TIMES 7" due out soon, as well as a POLICE & THIEVES release. Check out both!

Check back here as well for some awesome news regarding RIGHT IDEA this summer -- as soon as we get the final information on that as well . . .


Big News.

Pretty soon we're going to have announcements to make. Until then, I wish to remind everyone that Grave Maker and Reign Supreme are playing in BC tonight. This weekend is Get the Most, Keep it Clear, Circles and In Stride (all bands here).

1998 came and went:
2008 is here...


Scene Report: Pacific Northwest Version

Alas, I've found a moment between surfing the frozen wave, working at the Camino and reading books for an update...

In said moment, I will bring to you a rant of sorts with links, photographs of people, and conjecture.

Get the Most is playing a show. So is Keep it Clear and so are Circles. Oh, I almost Forgot, it's In Stride's last gig ever too! How much Canadian hardcore can you fit on one stage!? We're going to find out, but not before somebody gets suckerpunched and/or the word 'bust' is uttered.

The rain broke in Seattle last week, and the following cold has been, like Outkast said, ice cold (not to be confused with thin ice). Needless to say, Black Breath used this nice weather as a way to play a gay bar in Bellingham and a house show in Seattle. Crust punches were thrown at the latter. Antagonizing dirtbags=good way to get stabbed with a syringe

Nasty, former drummer of shook ones, current drummer of sinking ships and I are going to the Gym to become total stud muffins--no homo.

Pauly Edge and Meltdown rip. Let Down isn't scared of fire. Ron Paul is an idiot.


Tony, But Not As In Danza

These pics rule! Unfortunatly the photographer (Tony from artripoli.com) had a computer issue which killed all the high res versions, so this is all we have.

But still, Tony is such a good cat, he let us post the lo-res ones here. Visit his site and say thanks!

Thanks again!


Jeff Grey, War Photographer

Set fixed! There are photos from the Beachland show as well as the infamous Tower 2021 show -- find everyone you know! Especially our friends in Mad Minds.

Thanks again Jeff!

Jeff is also a guitarist in another pretty rad Cleveland band you maybe should check out, too.

Maybe? Abso-fucking-lutley!



Negative Space Has Never Been So Posi

We spent the better part of the last 2 days in the studio with super-engineer John Delzappo (whom you may know from his righteous duo Clan of the Cave Bear), pounding out jams for an as-yet-to-be-announced release . . . Things went pretty much as we planned: AWESOME!

We can't wait to finish up vocals and the final mix in the next week or so (depending on ours and John's availabilities).

Here's a snap shot of Chuck Right, laying down some Craig Ahead-worthy righteous jams:

And here's a "complete" list of new songs we laid down:

  1. Alert
  2. Clean Break
  3. Clear Your Head
  4. You Sink
  5. That's Not You
  6. Our World
  7. Searching For Meaning

This brings our song count up to 12, which more than betters a couple projects I've been apart of in the past. Now don't forget all these titles are considered Works In Progress until you see em on vinyl or plastic, yo -- and there may be a super secret cover (or 2) to be leaked out as time moves on . . . But don't hold us to anything!

Pics from the Let Down show will be posted shortly . . . Thanks so much again to Jeff Gray for fighting through the mortar fire to snap a few . . .




Last night's show was amazing -- expect pics and reviews as we get 'em in. Go!

The choice will always be yours. How far are you willing to go? If what you feel is real then I know you'll be there when I turn. Now that the spotlight landed on you and you don't know what to say. Since you don't know what you're talking about. You never felt it inside. What we say, what we play, is what we feel. Don't wear special clothes or make up for appeal. When I get the chance to speak, whether or not they hear. We got the attitude and the right idea. Always looking for a new trend. You think you really believed that you were sincere. You cut down people you call friends. Anything just to get ahead. You know everything about nothing. You have no idea. None.

Right Idea lyrics by Tommy Carrol (duh).
Banner by Slaba.
Photo by Jeff Grey.