Scene Report: Pacific Northwest Version

Alas, I've found a moment between surfing the frozen wave, working at the Camino and reading books for an update...

In said moment, I will bring to you a rant of sorts with links, photographs of people, and conjecture.

Get the Most is playing a show. So is Keep it Clear and so are Circles. Oh, I almost Forgot, it's In Stride's last gig ever too! How much Canadian hardcore can you fit on one stage!? We're going to find out, but not before somebody gets suckerpunched and/or the word 'bust' is uttered.

The rain broke in Seattle last week, and the following cold has been, like Outkast said, ice cold (not to be confused with thin ice). Needless to say, Black Breath used this nice weather as a way to play a gay bar in Bellingham and a house show in Seattle. Crust punches were thrown at the latter. Antagonizing dirtbags=good way to get stabbed with a syringe

Nasty, former drummer of shook ones, current drummer of sinking ships and I are going to the Gym to become total stud muffins--no homo.

Pauly Edge and Meltdown rip. Let Down isn't scared of fire. Ron Paul is an idiot.

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