Re: Gilman Hangout Photo Request

It's blurry, grainy, and yet pretty awesome. 

The street lights frame the dynamic quintet hitherto known as Mike, Chad, Chris, Nate, and Phil like the headlights of a 1958 Plymouth Fury bearing down on you.


Betrayed in Tokyo

Just a quick update on Betrayed and their trip to Japan.

My internet/email/blog friend Dobek was there to hang with Aram and the boys. He even posted some vids of the final Betrayed show and the show the other night.

Take a trip to his blog HERE. Nice shirt Aram!


Before It's Too Late

Since arriving home I've been busy with work and the babe and job hunting. Also sleeping in till 4pm. Here is a quick slide show of the important parts of our past weekend in California.

What's up Alcatraz. Uncle John soon after bought us all ICEES but complained with the guy made us cherry and lemon mixes.

After that we hit the road


So we arrive and nate wants to check out the north face store to see some jacket with a furnace inside. We were all zombies and just wanted to sleep so i don't think we were to into it. There was a skate park down the street as well. Nate hit that up while the rest illed in the van with the AC on. Next we arrived at the venue. Nice people welcomed us and we loaded in the merch and guitars. MINDSET showed up a short time after and the hangouts began. There were a good amount of kids there for the show. MINDSET's set was really tight. Foreign Nature played. It was on the hard side. I was into it. THEN Carl pulled a nice little prank. Dude said he was going on a walk at 1030p and was no where to be found at 1230a. We spent 30 mins looking for him, we really thought he was dead. John lets this punk guy use his phone and hears us talking about Carl. After he was finished on the phone the kid was like " are you talking about that kid sleeping on the couch?" The kid took us into the almost locked up venue to this secret couch room with who else but Michael mouth wide open drooling sprawled out on a dirty couch. We all were pissed, but thankful that he wasn't dead. The band went on to eat a late dinner at a Thai place, I just stayed in the van and slept. Thanks to Hook and Jori (sp) who took us in for the night. We left yall a surprise. Hope you found it. 8am wake up and drive! We stopped at a Jack in the Box for breakfast. Yikes... Next stop baseball.

Outside Dodgers Stadium

Inside Dodgers Stadium

This is the best kid ever. His dad supplied him with a spray bottle and no one in our section was safe.

After the game we were headed to Che Cafe. This is a shot of the merch table. It was outside and very comfortable. Che Cafe was a great spot. If ever close, stop.

Just a shot of how crowded it was. A lot of kids showed up.

The Betrayed set = insane.

Post gig hangouts with Phil, Chad, and Sarah.

Beach at 4am

Beach at 8am. We slept a lot on this trip.

after sleeping for 30 seconds at Nates bros apt we headed north to LA. Stoped at Manhattan Beach for a stint. I was bummed to realize that i only took 2 pictures here. It was nice. John and I took a dip and then shared a towel. No homo. After I took this John went in the ocean with his sunglasses on, came out with a frown.

Three words, OXNARD and FRED HAMMER. REP!

Another post gig shot of the kids in Santa Barbara. Mike and Chad are MIA in this one. I'm pissed.

Over all best weekend of the summer. I had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. Don't forget SOH this Saturday at Peabodies. I have to work so ill be there 3 mins before we play and 3 mins after. I win for longest post ever.

Mad Minds Rule

Mad Minds finished up their new 7" last night, and a couple of Right Idea-ers were in attendance at Negative Space to help spit shine them backing vocals. Make sure to follow up with the band and check out everyone's friend Scotty's label: Leave 'Em Records, which will be releasing the record as soon as they get art, etc done.

Special thanks again to Mike Carlson -- aka Mike Mad Minds -- for coming along to California with us, spending his birthday at Dodger Stadium, and sleeping with his mouth open.



California Weekend Food

Friday, June 20th:

Breakfast: It was all of 4 am, so the typical Egg and Cheese biscuit and hash browns from BK at the airport tasted as good as expected. Which you can assume, isn't saying much.

Lunch: Our first chance to kick it up a bit. Now I'm a veggie, so a lot of the hi-class options presented by San Fran's Market and Pier in the Fisherman's Wharf area are strictly off limits. But we settled in at an awesome Italian Deli in the Market at Ferry Building 1 called Mastrelli's and I had this little slice of heaven:

It's called the "Joe Special" and featured fresh mozz, sweet peppers, sun dried tomatoes and a basil garlic spread. Throw in San Pellegrino Aranciata in a can and handmade chips with sea salt and it was an absolute delight.

Dinner: Ok, dinner ended up going down in Berkley / Oakland at Tuk Tuk Thai and it well -- it wasn't the best or worst Thai food I've eaten. Our host(s) raved about it, and Kim-possible said we'd have been remiss to not get the Pad-See Yew, but I went with a spicier noodle dish with tofu, gluten and hot peppers:

so I'm thinking I should have gone with the recommendation. I'd have to say the highlight of the meal was the Thai Iced Tea, and Mike Carlson's return from the grave.

Saturday, June 21:

We were on the road early as shit -- out of our Oakland confines and heading down to the Dodger game to watch the Indians and CC take it to them. So there was little to no food to speak of for breakfast, save a coffee. 

Lunch: At Dodger Stadium, I had the usual ballpark fare: Nachos, double cheese and a Minute Maid frozen lemonade. CC had himself a helping of Chan Ho Park, to the tune of about 440 ft.

Dinner: In San Diego, we hit up the local Whole Foods -- where I choked down a "Chikn" Parm sandwich and a Vitamin Energy Water in a can.

Post Show: Denny's "Build Your Own" Grand Slam might be the best thing ever invented. Here's the aftermath:

Sunday, June 22:

Another early riser of a day -- as we were told the Sunday show would be a matinee in Santa Barbara. We stopped at a rad Donut Shoppe in San Diego where I got the best cup of Joe of the weekend and 2 huge maple creamsticks with custard (hell yeah!).

Mid-day we got some shaved ice at Manhattan Beach just south of the city. Ho-hum, but a nice cool-down.

Lunch went down in the Oxnard with the one and only Fred Hammer at a rad familiy Italian locale called Dominick's -- complete with back stories only Fred Hammer could tell. First course consisted of Iced Tea and homemade (still steaming) bread, and then came the salad:

(Notice the shaved parm -- always a nice touch). I was the only one who stepped it up from the prescribed pizza with a pasta dish as a accompaniment:
Over all, a great meal, with little to no complaints.

Don't worry -- you know that food wasn't the only thing that went down over the weekend that we're gonna share with you over the next bit, but here's a nice introduction for you and a peek into our minds on the order of importance of things:

1. Hang outs
2. Food
3. Maxing and Relaxing
4. Shows
5. Sleep


Cheap Tragedies Pre-Orders

Ok, I know we're all record and T-shirt collector nerds around here. If you're willing to be into a non-edge band featuring some crucial dudes, some history, a bit of Clevo Hardcore nostalgia, and a pen-chance for collect-ability, check this out:

(Click the image to pre-order)


Just got in a few short hours ago. Thanks to Alex for picking us up at the airport!

We just practiced for a few with Ian My Rulez! to get ready for tonight's show. We're stoked! Expect a couple surprises, and if you're reading this, get on your horse because we play in an hour or so!

Expect in depth Cali reporting throughout the week!


New Shirt: Come And Get It!

And here's where you can do just that:

FRIDAY JUNE 20, 2008 7:30 PM
924 Gilman St
Berkeley, CA

SATURDAY JUNE 21, 2008 7:00 PM
Che Cafe Collective
"The Whale's Vagina"
San Diego, CA

SUNDAY JUNE 22, 2008 1:00 PM
Casa de la Rasa
601 East Montecito St.
Santa Barbara, CA

See you all there!

United As One

Our friends in Overload put up a couple songs on their myspace and started to populate a blog of their own -- great idea guys! 

Cleveland Blog Core 2008 -- Get Into It!

Some Next Level Shit


Weather report : FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, partly cloudy highs in the mid 80's with a 100% chance of... BEACHING, SWIMMING, BABING, LAYING OUT AND MOSHING. DUH. Did i mention we have three shows?

Do it.


6/28/08 One Drummer Needed (Experience Not Required)

Ok, so we've been on that "Summer of Hate" show this year, pretty much since the promoters of the show first threatened Chuck and hung our friend Ed out a 10th story window by his ankles until he said "RIGHT IDEA WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THAT SHOW."

Now, we're slated to play from 8:10 to 8:30 PM according to the show's myspace. So, considering we only have about 12 minutes worth of music -- that's a bit much for us. The thing of the thing is though -- ummm, we don't have a drummer. I mean we have a drummer, but he's kinda unavailable. And then there's Dan, ummm, Shawn, or Ian, or shit. There's no one left.

So yeah, if you're planning on being in the Cleveland area next Saturday for the 20 minute window listed above and 

1.) can hold a 4 beat at 180 BPM in 45 second bursts 
2.) are edge. (At least for those same 20 minutes)
3.) can answer this classic Clevo hardcore factoid:

Die Hard had a singer for a short time before the gentleman credited as "Stork" left his mark on the Conversion release "Looking Out For #1". Name that man.
Then Email Jeff at lookingbackrecs@hotmail.com and tell him you're into it. Otherwise, it's Ray and Porcell all over that mug.



Our friend Evan put together this awesome poster for our upcoming California weekend! This is a call to all our friends to click on the pic, cut and paste that link, and populate your blogs, message boards and the like!

Please help us get the word out! We'll all appreciate it!



This Is For You Cleveland...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

XSLABAX once again shows off his artistic talents. He just finished a nice shirt design for Mad Minds too, I'd say check it out on their site but they are too lazy to put that info up. Dan's pissed.

This guy loves hardcore and draws for the fun of it! So hit him up if your band or show needs a nice little touch that is lacking for the most part these days.

Chuck it out



You're Pronk Of Order

Congress Debates Merits Of New Catchphrase

Cuddly Puppy

Actual conversation I had today while watching Portugal v. Czech Republic today:

Friend: As much as I hate him, Ronaldo is effing amazing
Me: There he is.
Me: He's amazing. and I kinda don't hate him at all
Friend: I just hate the jerkoff looks he gives
Me: It would be like hating . . . I dunno
Me: A puppy.
Me: A perfect cuddly puppy
Friend: And if anyone touches him he has a fit
Me: Hahaha. [If the puppy] pees on the carpet and you get kinda annonyed and then go
Me: "Awwww, it's ok, Christiano."
Me: "You're the best player I've ever seen. Ever."
Freind: I think it's his attitude added to the fact that he plays for Man U. If he went to FCB, I would back him 100%.
Me: Hahaha. I'll never forget watching a Portugal WC game -- when he was injured -- and watching him dribble up the left side of the pitch, just PULLING AWAY from everyone. Injured. And in such control.
Friend: His pace with the ball is unreal
Me: He does that stutter. At full gait. And can go ANYWHERE he wants.

Alright, back to brass tacks. Watching the Euro, I was stoked to finally watch the replay of ESP v RUS last night, but was more than disappointed when Torres was pulled off the field for a sub -- and a Gunner to boot! This was especially hard to take since Xabi was out of the starting 11 -- and watched a bit in awe as Torres' hat trick went to David Villa, and then to add insult to injury -- Fabergas added a score of his own! That's 4 goals that should have been in Torres' back pocket. Now, don't get me wrong, it was a great performance by Villa, but you gotta back your boys.

That said, there's no denying Christiano Renaldo is hands-down the most perfect player in the tournament. It's comparable to watching old reels of Jim Brown, or MJ at his height, or . . . what am I saying? He's maybe the best athlete I've ever watched.

Just saying.

We Gotta Stay Positive

It's no secret that I have a pretty wide variety of musical tastes -- and I'm sure most people would argue they do as well. I like to say though, at least when anyone will listen, how there's just got to be that certain "something more" from the bands I will spin on my table top record player, no matter who they are. It's a little something called attitude. And it's not surprising that 99% of the bands that aren't punk or hardcore or whatever the fuck -- well, they got that attitude from hardcore. Add The Hold Steady to that list (if you hadn't already). Their latest record is fittingly titled "Stay Positive" and the title track includes this little nod to our scene:
"Back when the Youth of Today and early 7 Seconds taught me some of life's most valuable lessons."
Yeah, you read that right. Ok, maybe it's not as obvious as that Tony Hawk soundtrack, or Lucero blasting through "Kiss the Bottle," or I Am the Avalanche pulling out a Fugazi cover -- but I honestly have to say -- I truly appreciate these little gems that much more.

You should appreciate it too, so if you're into good old fashioned rock and roll with a little something extra "for the kids" -- go on over to The Hold Steady's myspace and stream the title
track to their new record.



What yo name is? Where you come from?

Mindset is a four (now five)- piece youth crew band from Maryland. At Youngblood Fest I overheard Evan, frontman of Mindset, talking about some crucial non-hardcore shit -- you know, the environment, religion, etc: the things that get overlooked that people feel very differently about. I also found out he was a "schoolie," much like myself, absorbed in his academic interests. I made my mind up that I was going to get his take on some things for the blog/impending 'zine. The following was conducted via the Internet in late May 2008:

IYC: Name, age, location and what's your favorite Warzone song:

EW: Evan "Ev" Wivell, 21, Baltimore MD, Fuck Your Attitude

IYC: How many years have you been X'ed up--when and how did this lead into you fronting Mindset? Who else is in the Mindset and what y'all 'bout?

EW: I've always had that weird feeling that all edgemen tend to have, that little voice inside your head that sounds like Jules and is constantly telling you that what everyone else is doing isn't all it's cracked up to be. I never understood why everyone wanted to party so much and I always felt uneasy in those situations. Then I met Mike (MINDSET's guitar player, Ev's best friend) in my tenth grade biology class and he introduced me to the straight edge. We grew up in a small town, I grew up on a farm, so finding a kid like Mike who agreed with everything I was thinking and had the records to back it up was pretty amazing. Anyway, I was always the kid who hung out with my friends' bands but I was never in a band because I'm tone deaf and can't keep a beat for more than a few seconds, and I'm generally just confused about how music works in general. I started a band with all the current MINDSET dudes and another friend that started out as a joke to give me a chance to be in a band. That band was called "once we were girls..." and was pretty fucking radical shit. MINDSET (Anti-Wasteoids at the time) was a three piece with a rotating fourth man looking to expand with Mike on guitar and vocals. Once it was discovered that I was a competent frontman I was asked to join the band. Phil "Cold Cut" Price joined shortly after on drums, and the original Anti-Wasteoid bassist quit the band to pursue a glamourous tattooing career. Chad filled his vacancy. We're all best friends and collectively love Diane Lane movies, twizzlers, hot tubs, wednesday night basketball, indian food and creating music together. It's hard to put into words how much I love those clowns.

IYC: You guys have been really busy playing shows from Chicago to the East Coast lately--what does the future hold? Records? Tours?

EW: My last response was super long so I'll keep this short... the next year has the potential to be more awesome than we ever expected a year could be. We're going to California in two weeks with THE RIGHT IDEA for what I can only imagine will be the most crucial of times. And there will be records. Right now we're planning a 7" for late summer and an LP in early 2009 on REACT! Records, which is currently the classiest label in punk rock.

IYC: So at Youngblood fest, in between ripping through a Chain cover and several smokin' originals, you said something like, "Saving the environment is great, but when companies turn that around and sell it to you, that's messed up..." Sorry if my paraphrase is wrong, but how do you feel about corporate 'greenwashing' of so many things these days?

EW: The whole situation is a little sticky. First, I'l paraphrase myself: The world we live in is an incredible and beautiful place, but it is also increasingly delicate and sensitive. I feel like the general public takes its environment and the inherent quality of it for granted and our respect for it has been decreasing for some time. I'm not saying anything new or revolutionary (see John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, 4 Walls Falling, and to a lesser extent, hippies) and I don't claim to be. However, it has become incredibly popular for people to strive to 'do their part' for the sustainability of our planet in the name of being 'green.' I should be happy, right? Wrong. I'm irritated as hell. Like most trends, the powers that be (and the powers that want to be) have swooped down on a beautiful, innocent concept and tainted it for financial gain. It's become a political tool, a marketing ploy, and a green, soy-based flag to be waved by pretentious 20-somethings. Its like those damn magnetic yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbons. Now don't get me wrong, my brother is a Marine and I love that asshole. I think that soldiers deserve our respect for taking an active and incredibly dangerous role in support of a cause that they believe in. It's incredibly admirable and more than most of us can ever claim to do. I also happen to think that supporting troops and buying a $1 piece of plastic from a 7-11 have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Its all a facade, man. You wanna support the troops, send a soldier some clean socks or buy them dinner (or body armor), and do it without putting a sticker on your car. You wanna support the earth? Live consciously. Take less, give more. Waste less and put the waste you can't avoid in its proper place, and stop throwing your fucking cigarettes on the ground. Instead of buying "green" products, try not having to buy anything or make sure what you are buying is really the best option. Sure, you can ride your bike to Whole Foods and buy a mango in Baltimore in January because its organic, or you can realize the total energy expended to get that mango to you and maybe do without it for a few months. I guess what I'm saying, if you skipped that whole rant and ended up here, is that we beautiful ideas will become a grotesque cartoon of themselves if we can't realize them in their purest forms. This "green" trend, like all trends, will be cast aside for the next big thing when it's been played out. There shouldn't be a separation between green people and regular people, just conscious people.

IYC: You're studying Architecture, what perspective does that bring to your day-to-day that other HC kids might not have?

EW: Although I can't comment on how other HC kids see things, having an architectural background has definitely changed the way I perceive the world. I feel like I'm able to see a lot of beauty in things that other people might overlook. I see things as patterns and forms, solids and voids. The way ice breaks, how a field of millions of individual blades of grass can move together in the wind, the sound of rain, the way shadows move, how objects can change in different lighting... the world is a dynamic place. Architecture, at least good architecture, is inspired by the world in which it exists, not by the precedent of other architecture. The whole world is just a series of interconnected spaces. I enjoy trying to find the beauty in mundane things, I like the way concrete feels, and I get really upset over vinyl siding.

IYC: Do you see any links between your life as an edgeman and an aspiring Architecht? When you see a giant Franciscan Church, are you just like, "look at that altar--stage dives!" or what?

EW: Now that you mention it, I've always had an overwhelming desire to creepy crawl through a Borromini church, or maybe circle pit in the Pantheon. I feel like being an edgeman gives me a unique perspective that others might not have. That and I would probably design a pretty inefficient bar. Mostly out of spite.

IYC: Does considering the built environment make you more aware of your surroundings, socially, environmentally or otherwise?

EW: I'd like to think so. Architecture is only successful when it serves the needs of society. I feel like I take more notice of the spaces I'm in than a non-architect might, but I'm mostly criticizing. People interact differently in different environments, Architecture has the ability to encourage human interaction. Architecture should complement the environment in which it exists. The awesome thing about being an Architect is that you have the power to literally build the future, to affect the way people live and think and see the world through the spaces they inhabit... fucking awesome.

IYC: If I hired you to do something on Autocad, could you do it?

EW: I am an Autocad master.

IYC: Shot outs, recommendations on bands, zines etc?

EW: First off, it's awesome that someone within hardcore has an interest in my non-hardcore interests. It's nice to be able to discuss things other than records once in awhile, so thank you for the opportunity. I'd like to give a shout out the to rest of the dudes in MINDSET: Mike "Oxbig" Clarke, Cold Cut and the Chadillac for providing crucial jams for me to rant over and make people want to listen to what I have to say. Keep an eye on REACT! Records for ushering in the new wind of unstoppable edgemanship. Current bands I really believe in include: The Right Idea, Get the Most, Let Down, Reignition, Lion of Judah, Police & Thieves, Coke Bust and Fired Up. Check out Region of Ice fanzine. Buy records, take care of yourself, leave the world better than you found it and always KEEP THE FAITH!

I'm in!



This is for you babe.

and here are shots from my camera.


Documenting a weekend...

So our new homie and Mindset's new bass player, Chris B. has put up some photos from last weekend's shenanigans.  I think he caught a few nice ones that he put up on his flickr account, and I'm sure he has more hiding on a fetch account somewhere.

Send him compliments and go see Mindset in the Pacific Northwest next weekend.  After that go see us with them in lovely California June 20-22.

If you're a NW head, ON is playing at the Capital Hill Arts Center in Seattle on Sunday with Wait in Vain.  Since it'll be rainy and shitty, you have no excuse not to be there.

In the meantime take in the aesthetic glory that is Alex WK with a nice tummy smoke:

Y'all stay fresh and have a good weekend, aight?


Last Weekend

Saturday and Sunday were a blast. I think I can speak for all of RI when I say that we had a great time. Big shot outs to MINDSET and POLICE AND THIEVES for being such cool dudes and hanging with us all weekend. There were basketball games played, lots of food consumed and many babes hollered at. Awesome time guys!! YO DID YOU GET THOSE CD'S????? Also thanks for all the friends who made the trip to WV and PA, that means a lot. Check fly honeys space for the shots of the gig.

In other news tonight at NTC, TRAPPED UNDER ICE played and totally brought the most bro. I got to hang with some friends I haven't seen in awhile, that's always dope. Keep an eye open for shots of post gig hangouts. Shit was hilarious. Our boy Fiacco was snapping away. Well actually Mike T's babe was.

Next shows are CALI! GET PUMPED!