Before It's Too Late

Since arriving home I've been busy with work and the babe and job hunting. Also sleeping in till 4pm. Here is a quick slide show of the important parts of our past weekend in California.

What's up Alcatraz. Uncle John soon after bought us all ICEES but complained with the guy made us cherry and lemon mixes.

After that we hit the road


So we arrive and nate wants to check out the north face store to see some jacket with a furnace inside. We were all zombies and just wanted to sleep so i don't think we were to into it. There was a skate park down the street as well. Nate hit that up while the rest illed in the van with the AC on. Next we arrived at the venue. Nice people welcomed us and we loaded in the merch and guitars. MINDSET showed up a short time after and the hangouts began. There were a good amount of kids there for the show. MINDSET's set was really tight. Foreign Nature played. It was on the hard side. I was into it. THEN Carl pulled a nice little prank. Dude said he was going on a walk at 1030p and was no where to be found at 1230a. We spent 30 mins looking for him, we really thought he was dead. John lets this punk guy use his phone and hears us talking about Carl. After he was finished on the phone the kid was like " are you talking about that kid sleeping on the couch?" The kid took us into the almost locked up venue to this secret couch room with who else but Michael mouth wide open drooling sprawled out on a dirty couch. We all were pissed, but thankful that he wasn't dead. The band went on to eat a late dinner at a Thai place, I just stayed in the van and slept. Thanks to Hook and Jori (sp) who took us in for the night. We left yall a surprise. Hope you found it. 8am wake up and drive! We stopped at a Jack in the Box for breakfast. Yikes... Next stop baseball.

Outside Dodgers Stadium

Inside Dodgers Stadium

This is the best kid ever. His dad supplied him with a spray bottle and no one in our section was safe.

After the game we were headed to Che Cafe. This is a shot of the merch table. It was outside and very comfortable. Che Cafe was a great spot. If ever close, stop.

Just a shot of how crowded it was. A lot of kids showed up.

The Betrayed set = insane.

Post gig hangouts with Phil, Chad, and Sarah.

Beach at 4am

Beach at 8am. We slept a lot on this trip.

after sleeping for 30 seconds at Nates bros apt we headed north to LA. Stoped at Manhattan Beach for a stint. I was bummed to realize that i only took 2 pictures here. It was nice. John and I took a dip and then shared a towel. No homo. After I took this John went in the ocean with his sunglasses on, came out with a frown.

Three words, OXNARD and FRED HAMMER. REP!

Another post gig shot of the kids in Santa Barbara. Mike and Chad are MIA in this one. I'm pissed.

Over all best weekend of the summer. I had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. Don't forget SOH this Saturday at Peabodies. I have to work so ill be there 3 mins before we play and 3 mins after. I win for longest post ever.


NHSnee said...

It's like you forgot about the show at Gilman...

Chuck Right said...

holy shit. where was my camera? i thought something didnt seem right! hahah we were zombies that night.