Throwback THURSDAY

Sad to say that I've been the only one posting for a bit, but everyone is busy. Me too, duh but ill take care of yall.

For this edition of TT I'm hitting yall with quite posibly the best beat boxer ever. Yeah yeah that rahzel dude is dope, but you can't beat the founding father at his own game. Again, straight from the 90's here yall go with a little vid of kids from the NYC doing what they love to make a difference. Doug E Fresh and the CBS Crew. It's a bit lengthy, not even 8 mins, but check it out.

More importantly check the message these dudes were sending. The hardcore scene and hip hop scene had a lot in common 15 years ago. What happened?

Life is fresh, Crack is whack.


New T.I.

It's Monday. Let T.I be your morning/afternoon pick-me-up, WHAT UP?

I got something up my sleeve for THROWBACK THURZ, stay tuned.


Just an update on the record... WE STOLE YOUR MONEY!!! Just playin' haha click here to view the updated info straight (edge) from REACT! RECS.

How's everyone's summer? If you're doing big things let us know, if you have a big pool let us know, if you know where the babes are at quit hoggin em!

Yo suckas! Today starts THROWBACK THURSDAYS! This blog needs some spark or somethin'. So i'm going to take yall back to 1991 with this jam.

This is also fitting for this week because ALIFE just released the Lyrics To Go Tee celebrating Q-Tip and his new record about to drop. AND because right around this time last summer i was in a van driving to the Hamptons for work and we saw Q-Tip driving. He was in a black G wagon. Soo dope. Anyway....... Check it out yalllllll.

Word up!


Grandstanding from the cheap seats...

Alas, Column had a practice last night.  3 jams down with a real Mouthpiece vibe.  Demo by summer's conclusion?  Paul DC has cited this as his debut as a producer and feels the demo will be 'his Thriller.'

The weather has been amazing and the week is looking like lows in the 50's and highs in the low 80's without a cloud in the sky.  Anthropogenic climate forcing aside, nature has the right idea.  Swimming?  Veggie BBQ's?  Riding?  Yeaaaah booyyyeeeee!

Speaking of good (right) ideas, it sounds like we'll have some midwest shows working themselves out in early August.  It sounds like PA's Let Down is in on it.  Speaking of which, they're playing in Tacoma at the Viaduct on Friday.

During that stint, I'll be back in Cleveland for 9 days with the lady who, believe it or not, has never seen Ohio.  Fancy that, a girl who has never seen Lake Erie, Tower City, The Cuyahoga Valley or been in the Man's Van Mach II (Don't worry, no girls have been inside the MVMII as of 15 JUL 08 and less than three male passengers have ever been inside a girl--and I don't mean all at one time).  

We're looking for cool things to do that involve museums, professional sports, shows, swimming, the rapid and all things that might be construed as the right idea.  If we're lucky, the enforcer might rate us as we go about our adventures...

Soundtrack to July's third week:  Flosstradamus remixes, Loser Life: This is my Hell, Loved Ones: Build and Burn, Face to Face: Ignorance is Bliss, Timbaland: Shock Value, Texas is the Reason: s/t ep.

Until next time keep the Right Idea and be sure to ride and swim safely, I'm back to the meadows, forests, estuaries and mountains of Washington...


Face Reality!

Our friends in Face Reality,from Michigan, finally recorded their demo and it's def my current listen of choice. You can hear a couple of songs on their myspace. It was supposed to be recorded about a month ago but, as we ourselves are well aware of, hardcore time is a whole other story. I think the official release date will be at their next show on August 19 but def keep tabs on their myspace for ordering info. They chose to go the classy route and will have cassette demos, with possible limited covers for those who care..."I know I care". Solid 4 song demo and we look forward to sharing the stage with them in the future. The bonds are growing from Michigan down to West Virginia!


I'm sick of looking at Nadal laying here all happy so I'm trying to come up with a worth while post. That's probably not going to happen. Any way, tomorrow is July 11th. You know if you know what's up. Carl got his wisdom teeth out yesterday. We all went over to take care of him, well alex ditched him and went to the pool all day. I showed up and he was playing poker online and wouldn't come to the DQ with the crew. So we left him. Best part of this terrible story is all 6 of us (alex, hesser, tpot, nick, pat and myself) fit in the blue bullet on the way there. Worst part of this terrible story is that when we got there pat called up some 16 year olds and they met us up there. I saw a friend from high school and they were saying how he was their teacher... Dude not cool. hahahah. Check this, I have to work tonight, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. I'll be at the LETXDOWN IS STRAIGHT EDGE show after. Probably around 1130-12. I'll probably also miss the mosh. YIKES.




Nadal Wins!

What's up Murray

The past couple of days I've been busy catching up on FOTC episodes and Wimbledon. This post caters to fans of both. I'm pushing for Nadal to come out on top. That guy is great, his volley game is incredible. Face Value last night was a great time. More people should have showed up. There's something about Erba smashing beer bottles on amps and then vigorously slicing his forehead that makes it all worth it. Yes, there was old guy mosh and dread lock rasta mosh. It was a great time. Back to tennis, the game that counts is on now. Federer v. Nadal. Watch it. And instead of tye dying your RI shirt, you should really cut the collar out, tear the sleeves off and make it a belly shirt. Ebay gold.



So what started as a joke that first led Millin to believe I was making 1 of 1 shirts for friends is now catching on. Our friend Taylor (formerly Tank Top Guy, but he’s losing his title to a summer ski cap wearing promoter) felt we weren’t doing enough to bring life back into a sea of black shirts at hardcore shows, so he took our white shirts a step further making the first tye-dye RI shirt. It didn’t take long for Taylor’s keen sense of fashion to be noticed and soon the new craze spread to Michigan.
The band Louder Than Bombs recently played Detrioit and sported their version of the Spoiler shirt. So anyone else out there who gets a white shirt dirty, feel free to add some color to your shirt and send us some pics….but don’t ask us if we have any tye-dye shirts left cause we never had ‘em to start!
See you all at Absolution next month!