What's up Murray

The past couple of days I've been busy catching up on FOTC episodes and Wimbledon. This post caters to fans of both. I'm pushing for Nadal to come out on top. That guy is great, his volley game is incredible. Face Value last night was a great time. More people should have showed up. There's something about Erba smashing beer bottles on amps and then vigorously slicing his forehead that makes it all worth it. Yes, there was old guy mosh and dread lock rasta mosh. It was a great time. Back to tennis, the game that counts is on now. Federer v. Nadal. Watch it. And instead of tye dying your RI shirt, you should really cut the collar out, tear the sleeves off and make it a belly shirt. Ebay gold.

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TAYLOR said...

chuck can you cut off the belly while I'm wearing it? I'd really like that....