So what started as a joke that first led Millin to believe I was making 1 of 1 shirts for friends is now catching on. Our friend Taylor (formerly Tank Top Guy, but he’s losing his title to a summer ski cap wearing promoter) felt we weren’t doing enough to bring life back into a sea of black shirts at hardcore shows, so he took our white shirts a step further making the first tye-dye RI shirt. It didn’t take long for Taylor’s keen sense of fashion to be noticed and soon the new craze spread to Michigan.
The band Louder Than Bombs recently played Detrioit and sported their version of the Spoiler shirt. So anyone else out there who gets a white shirt dirty, feel free to add some color to your shirt and send us some pics….but don’t ask us if we have any tye-dye shirts left cause we never had ‘em to start!
See you all at Absolution next month!

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TAYLOR said...

oh taylor's pissed