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So last week I sat down and chatted with Ole from Get The Most and Adriana from Outlook for Think it Through number two.  Records were discussed, hair product was contemplated and socialism was mentioned and after it was all said and done I had hours of garageband tracks to transcribe.  The interviews will be great reads of rad people from tight bands--lots of adjectives, much like my previous sentence.
In between it all, Sex Vid, Outlook, Keep it Clear and Get the Most traded sets at Old School Pizza.  The diversity of the bill had me thinking about how divers the tastes of RXI are.  I decided that for December, we're going to do a Right Idea A-to-Z review of some of our favorite bands (Read: Chuck's favorite radio rap 'artists') and their subsequent records.

From here on out, we the boys (and man) of Right Idea will be breaking down a few of our favorite records A to Z.  Better than advent and starting way sooner,  that makes for 26 records alternating letters through our humble ranks in the month of December.  

I'll start today like a new jack would, with American Nightmare's Background Music:
I admittedly got into AN later than the hype wagon.  I think John gave me the first 7" on a cd-r in fall 2003.  At that point I had been a Rev and Victory guy and my knowledge of recent Equal Vision and then up-and-coming Bridge 9 was pretty slim.  Either way, this was my introduction to AN in the recorded medium, and the last thing Dana Murray ever heard from them.

I put on the Background Music lp a few weeks later and I was totally into it.  No, it wouldn't be a record that changed my life, nor anything that I got tattooed onto me, but it did play in the background of many skate sessions, late-night runs, drives to shows and CSU hang outs.  

Basically this record took fast hardcore drums, rock riffs and pissed vocals and smashed them together in a way that people in my generation hadn't widely heard before.  The lyrics were totally themed in a way that the proto-scenesters loved, they had parts begging for pile-on sing-alongs and mosh parts for the guys walking the fence between being tough and liking fast hardcore.  Was this the 'something for everyone' lp of that era of hardcore?  Maybe.  Was this record a front-to-back rager that made it into repress numerous times?  You bet.  

Some might argue that this wasn't as good as the 7" or the GUTG LP, but everyone will admit, this record captured a moment in that era of hardcore.  I remember old Names for Graves van conversations about the most anticipated LP's in hardcore, and aside from Count Me Out and Carry On, this was all we came up with (Note: This was pre-Champion's Promises Kept and pre-Planet Mental, both of which were highly hyped and anticipated).  I'll even argue that for a whole generation of kids, this was the 'Judge record' of previous generations that got kids stoked on a life of shows, shirts and hardcore.  Disagree if you want, "I'm just sayin'..."

Nate's special mentions: AF: United Blood or Victim in Pain, As Friends Rust S/T, Any of the Atari 7"s.

Next Up: Hess, John and Chuck hit B, C and D respectively.

Photo: AN in Wilkes Barre, 2001.


January 4th 2009

Lil Wayne is getting ready to tour the US in December and January for what is called the 'I Am Music Tour'.
The tour will also feature Gym Class Heroes, Keri Hilson, T-Pain and Keyshia Cole

I Am Music Tour dates:

· 12/14 - Miami, FL @ American Airlines Arena
· 12/18 - Houston, TX @ Toyota Center
· 12/19 - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center
· 12/21 - Los Angeles, CA @ Gibson Amphitheatre
· 12/22 - Los Angeles, CA @ Gibson Amphitheatre
· 12/23 - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena
· 12/26 - Detroit, MI @ Joe Louis Arena
· 12/27 - Chicago, IL @ United Center
· 12/28 - Philadelphia, PA @ Susquehanna Bank Center
· 12/29 - Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro Coliseum
· 12/30 - Washington, DC @ Verizon Center
· 12/31 - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena
· 1/2 - Charlotte, NC @ Bobcat Arena
· 1/3 - Hampton, VA @ Hampton Coliseum
· 1/4 - Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena
· 1/8 - St. Louis, MO @ Chaifetz Arena
· 1/9 - Kansas City, MO @ Sprint Center
· 1/11 - New Orleans, LA @ New Orleans Arena
· 1/14 - Montreal, CAN @ Bell Centre
· 1/15 - Toronto, CAN @ Air Canada Centre
· 1/16 - Uniondale, NY @ Nassau Coliseum
· 1/17 - Hartford, CT @ New England Dodge Music Center
· 1/18 - Atlantic City, NJ @ Boardwalk Hall
· 1/19 - Worcester, MA @ DCU Center


4 Bands, 1 Shirt. (Not To Be Confused With . . .)

The React! Records myspace now has this little jobbie up for sale. Available in white, black, longsleeve, and hooded sweatshirt.

Go here to order them, and don't forget to peep all the other Get The Most, Breakthrough, Mindset and RIGHT IDEA gear up for sale as well . . .



Get your MINDSET on ordering this Monday!

"Pre-orders go up TOMORROW for Mindset's new EP, "R E A L P O W E R". This is a one-time-only pressing of 1,000 copies with 200 on RED vinyl, 300 on WHITE, and 500 on BLACK. Judging by the reaction we got to the GTM and Right Ideas records we expect them to fly out the door and once they're gone, they're gone. Orders will be run through the store on our myspace page (this is the last time we promise!) and orders should be going up at 10 am Pacific time.

We'll also have a new merch design for Mindset as well as some very cool new REACT! gear so please stop my our myspace page and check it out!

www. myspace. com/itstimetoreact

Thanks and take care!
Aram XXX"

Hey dog how's it goin?

stolen for WMF, but i have to share. Marky mark is one of the best and my personal faves. If you know what i mean.


This Zine is T.I.T.S.!

Yo so I did a zine and just started selling them this past weekend if anyone is interested email me at lookingbackrecs@hotmail.com -- THINK IT THROUGH SUCKAHS! 

The focus this first issue is on newer bands (Seeker, Balance, Face Reality, Clearsight)and artists, even features a slick color insert of some top notch core graffitti by Inflammable! Also, a nice obscure reprint of a Judge int with lots of quotes that will have you chuckling at school or work. Pics and artwork throughout the zine. Check the cover art up top done by Slaba, one of the three featured artists this time around. 

Artists, photographers, bands, zines, labels feel free to get in touch regarding your work appearing in, interviews, ads or just general inquiries.


And We Love Reunion Shows!

The Get Up Kids played a reunion show last night in Kansas. (Not to be confused with Kansas playing the song "Last Night" to a bunch of kids).

Here's the proof that we all get old, get fat, but can still get down:

Song: 10 Minutes



News Coming . . .

Lots of updates on the way this week.

• Selling out and potential repress of the Our World 12"
• Upcoming Euro press of the self-titled EP
• Status of 2009: Youth Crew 7" comp
• Chuck's new tats
• Winter shows
• Holiday 2008 Coca-Cola packaging

And looking forward:
• Spring and Summer Tour news
• My daughter's first words (Safe money is on "dammit!")
• The Tribe bullpen

Fuck you!

I'm tired!

Tribe's Woes 2009: A-B-Closing

Doug Jones was slow.

Jose Mesa was fat.

Bob Wickman was fatter. And Slower

Keith Folke was retired.

Joe Borowski was on 'roids. And slower still.

So let's just go ahead and admit it -- the Cleveland Indians could go out and sign just about anyone to be their "back of the bullpen help." If we've learned anything though -- it's A-B-C: Always Be Closing -- so no matter who we sign, we should expect them to not hold onto the job all year . . .

Let's take a look at who's out there and give some odds, shall we?

Trevor Hoffman. 5:2
I feel like we've been down this road before. Oh, maybe because we have. Time and again (my personal favorite). Well, I guess it is possible though -- his failure brood is a couple years older, so will he be comfortable "traips[ing his] family across the country" this time?


My bet is we offer him too much money, put too much faith in him, and it all comes crashing down . . .

Jensen Lewis. 3:1
He's the incumbent, and that's always risky. But this ain't the Senate floor, lovey. Let's just say once he settled in after August he was good. But if there's one thing that doesn't sit easy with the Tribe it's good bullpen pitching. A Vandy pedigree also is scary to good ol' boy Wedgie, so look for a misappropriation of his skill set in '09!

Kerry Wood. 55:1
Connect these guys: Kevin Millwood, Paul Byrd, Joe Borowski, Anthony Reyes, Cliff Politte, . . the list goes on. Say what you will, but Cleveland is the land where arm problems go to disappear. Maybe it's the proximity to the Clinic, or maybe it's Carl "What chu talking 'bout" Willis, but this team has no problem in paying below market for an injured veteran to to heal and then turn their careers around (then go out and make bank elsewhere). If everyone else is afraid to take a chance on Wood -- the Tribe could swoop him up and feel confident in their ability to keep him hurling.

Brian Fuentes. 500:1
Little to no interest, and perhaps for better reasons than we know. What we do know though is he'll be over-valued, is a LHP who can struggle against Left Handed batters, and is coming off a career year. Signing him will demand either too much $ or value in trade from the Rockies (if they resign him), or both.

Huston Street. 20:1
True story: my friend and I sat here to watch the A's-Tribe series in 2007 at The Jake. Anyway -- a group of A's pitchers walked by from the pen in Right (to the dugout) and I was taken aback because it appeared as if they had a "bat boy" or "ball boy" with them and I asked my friend if teams always traveled with them -- and maybe they'd expect him to keep his appearance a little better, since his hair was messy and his uniform was ill-fitting and he wasn't wearing a cap -- and my friend turned to me and said: That's Huston Street, asshole.

So, who's the asshole now?

Huston Street is.

Because he sucks.

Which means there's always a chance we'll trade away a former #1 pick for him. Or 2.

Francisco Rodriguez. 100:1
He's the number 1 free agent closer on the market. He is the saves record holder. A workhorse. He destroys teams. He'll maybe get a record-breaking contract. Basically, there's no chance he'll be wearing cream and a Block C on Sundays.

J.J. Putz. 20:1
I've coveted this guy since forever. I was hoping they'd package him in the Ben Broussard deal -- which did not happen -- but at least that shows we have some track record with negotiations with The M's. If only we had a hot-hitting Asian player or aging platoon player available to trade to them. Hmmmmmm . . . My bet is he'll still end up in the Central (but not in Cleveland).

His name is Putz.


Heh heh.

Soloman Torres. 1,000:1
History has shown that the Indians would really have no quams at all in signing yet another old, fat, slow, wild, or even dead (to the baseball world) "pitcher" to this bullpen. So there's a chance. As far as retired 50-something hurlers go, Torres is in the top 5.

Brandon Lyon. 45:1
This guy actually makes sense for the Tribe pen -- he's unpredictable, available for market value, and a "clubhouse guy" (READ: white). He was under-appreciated in Arizona -- even when out-performing his competitors, he was still in fear for his job. Seemed like AZ was always waiting for the "other shoe to drop," and once it did were quick to replace him with Chad "DJ" Qualls.

So maybe the Tribe can swoop in with a shoehorn.

(I swear that made more sense in my head before I typed it out)

Arthur Rhodes. 16:1
Previous tour of duty? √
Loose cannon? √
Old as dirt? √
Not good? √
Fat? √

Good as signed.

Jake Westbrook. 10:1

Call me crazy, but anyone who looks this intense and has no fear in calling out the "mighty Red Sox" can close for me any day. And seriously, what better way to get value out of the guaranteed contract we have out there for Westbrook in a partial season?

Ok, I've typed a bunch of words. Words words words words words.

Words words.

Words words words.

You prolly stopped reading a long time ago.

But here's my wrap-up: Jensen Lewis deserves the job. He probably won't get it, but he deserves it. Fuentes goes to the Mets. Putz to the Chi Sux. Wood to Texas (as a starter). Street stays in Colorado. Arthur Rhodes to Milwaukee. Brandon Lyon too. K-Rod to Washington (no, really -- Chad Cordero to Detroit).

The Tribe shores up their back end by signing Jason Isringhausen (He's the trifecta: cheap, old, and injured) and Eddie Guardado.

Hoffman? He signs for 3 years (guaranteed) in St Louis. He convinces his wife and kids St. Louis is just the english translation of San Diego, and it's not really "a whale's vagina" as they previously thought.



Show Update

Mindset (Record Release Show), Hostage Calm, Police & Thieves, Right Idea, Reignition
52 Rear Market Street, Lemoyne, Pennsylvania (The Championship)
Cost: $7



The latest Paul Rudd and Sean William Hott movie Role Models opens today, and if I didn't have a kid an' all that, then I'd be there. Instead, I'm just going to hang out here and watch the trailer like a gazzilion times.

You can do the same here:

"Fuck you, Miss Daisy!"



There's only one question:

Who's the guy in the middle?


President of Tapping That Ass

"Fuck you, Larry!"

Now this may be a bit presumptuous, but we here at IYC are confident enough to call the presidential race in favor of Barack Obama (Democratic Senator from Illinois).