Show July 5th

Hey we're playing this with some pretty sweet bands. I think it's Overlord's record release show, and there's a couple other kick-asinine bands too. I really like The Kids United, but I'm not sure if they're still on this. Hell, I'm not really sure if any of these bands are (other than us and the usual suspects) -- can't wait to find out!

I hear there's some sports activities planned and competitive eating to be held.

But I could be wrong about that, too.


Last Week's Show = PICS!!!!!!!

There's a pretty complete photo set up of last week's show at the Tower 2012 here. Thanks Pat for taking some pretty sweet shots. There's one of Hess moonstomping, Nate looking confused, and Chuck in a winter coat on the first week of summer*. Go figure.

Oh, and that shadow figure in the pic of Chuck Right is me . . . and that's as close as there is to a pic. I'm just a shadowy man on a shadowy planet, I guess.

Oh, and turns out there was a flyer made for this show, after all . . . my apologies.

*Jeff says Chuck gets a pass though for bringing the "Jewels of the Nile." I personally never got into that movie, I mean, it was really a let down compared to "Romancing the Stone."


"I know where I stand, wear my heart on my sleeve(print)"

James from Times Together just started up a blog with a pretty sweet concept behind it and I was honored to be interviewed for the first entry check it out! Shirts that have flawless designs are timeless classics, it's worth it to spend some time coming up with a solid design. Also, check out the melodic hardcore that is Times Together, nice Wishingwell praise going on here. Shout out to Slaba for some artwork too! What's your fave design ever?


Show Tonight

Really? Really.

No -- not that show. Evidently tonight's show wasn't cool enough for anyone to make a flyer for. So here's an oldie but a goodie.

Here's the line-up for tonight's show at the Tower 2012:

Loki (Bike-Riding Smelly-Guy HC-punk)

Basement Boys (Clevo Basement Oi!)

Masakari (Heavy Hardcore Punk)

Right Idea (Original Line-up, Fun-ness)