Show July 5th

Hey we're playing this with some pretty sweet bands. I think it's Overlord's record release show, and there's a couple other kick-asinine bands too. I really like The Kids United, but I'm not sure if they're still on this. Hell, I'm not really sure if any of these bands are (other than us and the usual suspects) -- can't wait to find out!

I hear there's some sports activities planned and competitive eating to be held.

But I could be wrong about that, too.


Jordan said...

kids united are still playing.
Black Teeth, I Can't Lose and Triceratops are the only ones not playing. We're trying to get a really young band on this as an opener.

soul food catering
and a record release without records haha
should be a good time

Jordan said...
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Jordan said...

flyer updated.
can be found here http://tinyurl.com/july5redo

John Committed said...

Ok, so Chuck had something silly to do -- like work. Who'd a thunk it. I hear it raged though . . .