We're gonna have, among other things, a CD sampler for distribution at this year's Youngblood Fest. These are going to be EXCLUSIVE to the YB Fest and very LIMITED (less than 200), and our intention is to only hand them out with a purchase of a T shirt or long-sleeve (we're hoping not to sell them individually). We hate CDs as much as the next guy does, but I guess we can't stave this digital age off on our own.

Here's the track listing:

1. Our World
2. Right Idea
3. Glue

Of course, "Glue" is the classic SSD song, and it's been recorded a million times by a million bands -- but it's been captured here in our own unique RIGHT IDEA funkee style. This will also be your first chance to hear an entire song from the upcoming REACT! RECORDS release OUR WORLD (the song "Our World" posted here is only the first verse and chorus -- there's more words, I swear).

So get there early, stage dive often, and make sure you pick one up.


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