Our World

Hey everyone!

Here's a snippet from a new song, titled "Our World." It's one of the songs from our upcoming React! Records release, due out early this summer!

We're stoked, and can't wait to get the rest out there, but here's this for now:

Here's the lyrics (straight from the mind grapes of Jeff Hess):

Our World

Made a pledge to ourselves to better our lives
Our goals are set and they're getting in our sights
"Educating a world" that doesn't seem to care
But we'll continue, with heads held high, reach beyond the blank stares

I know we won't fail if we work together
Changing the course of this world forever
Working together -- man help man
It's our plan -- together!

Change the World!

Change the world! Change it! Reshape it to a better place!
Where people look beyond religion and race!
Reach out your hand -- join in our fight!
Showing each other what we feel is right.
It starts with just one to take a step forward.
Soon others will follow -- just make your voice heard!

Change the World!

All created equal, and continue to remain.
Get so caught up in the differences, we can only look to ourselves for the blame.
It starts with our own lives, and the way we live!
Setting examples -- showing others how to give.

Let's turn this around, the world is ours!
Never stop reaching for the stars!

Change the World!

Listen! Learn! Go!



YES! awesome.

Head2Wall said...

Way into it.

georgec said...

so awesome. cant wait for you guys to tour.

Ragunath said...

Detailed RIGHT IDEA discussion thread