MRR Review of the Demo 7"

It’s time like this that make me wish Carl Cordova was still here at MRR - he would know exactly with youth crew bands to compare this to, getting all the spirit of ’88 references in the right places, dotting every “i” and (wait for it) crossing every “x”. But Carl’s not here anymore, so I’ll have to push on and do my best. Youth crew isn’t really my thing - I’ve never cared for YOUTH OF TODAY, BOLD leaves me wanting, and GORILLA BISCUITS puts me to sleep. That said, I like RIGHT IDEA. I booked a show for them in Gilman and they were energetic, enthusiastic, and fucking tight, not to mention being stand-up fellows. Maybe it’s a Clevo thing (who doesn’t love CONFRONT and MEANSTREAK?), but I like their demo a lot. This 7” is a repress of said demo, so if you’re a youth crew fanatic who missed out on the tape, o if you worship at the altar of vinyl, then pick it up like it was loose change.

(XYosefX, “Maximum RocknRoll” #319, USA)

This Valentine's Day...

Get ya special someone somethin' nice...


The Gang's All Here

Thanks again to EVERYONE who came out yesterday for back-ups for the new record. Here's a little pic from the day courtesy of Jeff Grey. Partly visible are 3 members of Right Idea and about a dozen of our closest friends. Not pictured are the other 10 or so crammed into Negative Space studio in Cleveland, Ohio!

Thanks so much for lending us your throats for shout-outs, sing alongs, and good times.

Once we have some samples to pass along we will!

Here's to everyone who has the Right Idea in 2010!


Get your foam fingers, popcorn and drinks...

...and this here slab of wax from our top dude, Robert Refuse of, not Reduce, reuse or recyle but Refuse Records.

We're closing out the items you see here and then loading up with new shirts and a new 7". Get. Pumped.

Peep the official Right Idea webstore here.


Slapshot and how life works...

Reggie Dunlop: It's their rink, it's their ice, and it's their fuckin' town. But tonight we got our fans with us!
[other players cheer]
Reggie Dunlop: They spent their own dough to get here, and they came here to see us! All right, let's show 'em what we got, guys! Get out there on the ice and let 'em know you're there. Get that fuckin' stick in their side. Let 'em know you're there! Get that lumber in his teeth. Let 'em know you're there!

It's good to have people in your corner. It's good to have a laundry list that you drag through your mind every time you try to think about who has helped you do a damn thing. Thanks guys, thanks gals. I can't wait for the new record to drop.


Basement Boys: Tower Skins

These Joes from down on Madison just cut a demo and will be tearing the Tower down regularly. You may recall Alex from being a professional van owner, and owner of Die Hard Movers: 'Movers with Integrity,' as well as loaner of gear, practice space and ears. These Clevo boys are on the prowl, so check it out here.


The Right Idea

Geoff Deiderich, Jeff Hess, Chuck Right, John Millin, and Nate Hough-Snee have


The choice will always be yours. How far are you willing to go? If what you feel is real then I know you’ll be there when I turn. Now that the spotlight landed on you and you don’t know what to say. Since you don’t know what you’re talking about. You never felt it inside. What we say, what we play, is what we feel. Don’t wear special clothes or make up for appeal. When I get the chance to speak, whether or not they hear. We got the attitude and the right idea. Always looking for a new trend. You think you really believed that you were sincere. You cut down people you call friends. Anything just to get ahead. You know everything about nothing. You have no idea. None.

(”Right Idea” lyrics by Tommy Carrol)


John Delzoppo

The man pictured here is John Delzoppo. But this man is not John Delzoppo. This man named John Delzoppo has been wiki-ed. Here is what the public has to say about John Delzoppo. But we do not recognize what the public says about John Delzoppo. That man is not the John Delzoppo we know and love. He is not the man Right Idea are in the process of recording a follow-up 7" to the Our World LP with right now at Negative Space Studios. John Delzoppo is an entirely different man. He has a beard (sometimes). And a piccolo drum snare he let us borrow once.

This is what the real John Delzoppo looks like, and this is what he does:
Poseurs be damned.

Thanks to Rye for the photo.


Chuck's Birthday Party

Happy B-day Chuck Right from all your friends! The rest of the Photo Stream is here. I guess it was someone else's birthday too, but whatever. Enjoy, don't hate.