MRR Review of the Demo 7"

It’s time like this that make me wish Carl Cordova was still here at MRR - he would know exactly with youth crew bands to compare this to, getting all the spirit of ’88 references in the right places, dotting every “i” and (wait for it) crossing every “x”. But Carl’s not here anymore, so I’ll have to push on and do my best. Youth crew isn’t really my thing - I’ve never cared for YOUTH OF TODAY, BOLD leaves me wanting, and GORILLA BISCUITS puts me to sleep. That said, I like RIGHT IDEA. I booked a show for them in Gilman and they were energetic, enthusiastic, and fucking tight, not to mention being stand-up fellows. Maybe it’s a Clevo thing (who doesn’t love CONFRONT and MEANSTREAK?), but I like their demo a lot. This 7” is a repress of said demo, so if you’re a youth crew fanatic who missed out on the tape, o if you worship at the altar of vinyl, then pick it up like it was loose change.

(XYosefX, “Maximum RocknRoll” #319, USA)


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Nab said...

if you want to laugh check out the review of my old band (A Bridge to Many) in this very issue. Well at first I didn'"t laugh, then I realized you can't possibly take the term "neo youth crew emo mosh" seriously. It’s time like this that make me wish Carl Cordova was still at MRR.

Nate Hough-Snee said...

MRR is hit-or miss. Post a link to your old band, Nab!

Nab said...

It might suck, but I mean... "emo-mosh"?? really?
weird thing is that some other reviewer listed the 7" in his top list of 2009.