RIGHT IDEA Record Release Show

Ok so if you're down then you know where this artwork comes from...in other words, I stole it. This is my first attempt at a flyer for us since I know Slaba has alot going on and I was too excited to not get the word out immediately. Not sure if this is the right order, but once again Nick at Hope This Helps booked a solid show in Cleveland so ask him for more details. Now for the bumout news...Nate cannot make it out for this one, which sucks so please send him a free airline ticket cause we miss him at Cleveland shows! In fact, I am not even gonna say for sure yet that he will not be there. Anyways, True Colors is hitting the states for the first time and should not be missed. Dance, dive and have some fun!


The Return...


This is the old school way, back in the day when we aint have none. This is what we used to do, taking yall back.


That Was Hardcore

Chucky and I just got back late yesterday from the Cheap Tragedies weekend of shows. We hung with some friends in NYC, watched a weird outside mass in Philly, and ran into some familiar faces at TIHC. Good times? Good times.


C'mon -- Really? You Never Played Catch?

We at Right Idea really don't always throw our hats into the same political ring (so-to-speak), but can we all agree on one thing: if you're totally inept at holding a fucking football -- how good at running this country can you really be?

Seriously John McCain -- what do you think you are holding? A baby with a shitty diaper? A major award? A goddamned gunny sack?

It's a football!

Hold it like one! I bet you even saw this guy play. Or this guy. Act like it!

You're killing me Smalls!


How's Your Edge?

Depending on how loud you listen to your music, and the frequencies they emit, evidently, your edge could be in jeopardy. This company is claiming that through the purchase of their earphones and mp3 packs, they can replicate the "high" experienced when taking such illicits as cocaine, marijuana, absinthe, peyote, and etc (god, there's a whole helluva lot of drugs out there!)

Evidently this phenomenon has been around since the late 19th century. Kinda seems like Psywarfare just got PWNED.


BROWN as in shit.

Please help banish the new, god-awful all-shit brown BROWNS pants, as we all saw the terror it caused. A thought -- when these brown pants appeared last year on Madden 08, everyone cried foul -- "We get no respect!" "EA couldn't even get our uniform right!" "We have a tradition and our uniform is part of that!" "We wear striped socks!" But of course, life imitates virtual life, and evidently the olympics too, since the Brownies decided to wear those insipid tights Monday night.

Here's a short list of the damage that was done:
  • Derek Anderson concussion.
  • Josh "Mtv" Cribbs high-ankle sprain.
  • Andra Davis possessed with the brain of Travis Hafner ("swing and a miss" -- get it, get it?).
  • 30-3 first quarter. 30 to fucking 3.
  • Some random dude named "Magic Shoes" was our "bright spot."
Help us get rid of them for good:

Go here to vote and banish the BROWN SHIT PANTS. FOREVER.

America thanks you. America -- Fuck yeah!


I almost forgot...

Homeboy straight overpowered four opponents, breaking his Bulgarian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, and Japanese opponents regardless of race, religion and creed.  Thanks goes to Tomohiro Matsunaga for upsetting the heavily-favored Russian in the semi-finals.  Aside from that bit of luck, Cejudo defeated seeded wrestler after seeded wrestler with his tiny-little bare hands (at 55KG--121 lbs, he isn't big). The son of recent Mexican immigrants, Cejudo handed out ass-whoopings in the name of America, and at a recent 21-years-old will be handing out many more.  

Cleveland Straight Edge supports USA Wrestling and so should you.  Five more weight classes stand to be wrestled, don't miss a match.  America, fuck yeah.

For fans of the straight edge and reading...

Effort fanzine is straight blowing up.  They talk to our man Aram React!, fellow edgemen Git Mo', The young and studly dudes in On and European favorites Common Cause and True Colors.  They even talk with Cleveland's (only?) youth crew unit, the Right Idea.

Pick it up by hitting it up: theefforttolive@gmail.com 


Happy Birthday

Hit him up on myspace and wish him well! We all do!


"Mo" Brady than Brady?

Ok, so evidently I only think the following 3 things are worth posting:

1) Video Games
2) Jokes About Middle Aged Men Playing Video Games
3) Homo-erotic Jokes About Middle Aged Men Playing Video Games

Well, that and this movie.


Smells like Teen Spirit

Attention edgemen and women of America, I have bad news:

The United States is getting trounced in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Olympics.  Fuck swimming, triathlon and cycling--this is serious shit.  That Phelps guy couldn't take a punch from any of the U.S. Wrestlers.

Russia, recently-invaded Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and even France have more medals than we do thus far.  The best bouts will undoubtedly be between warring Russians and Georgians.  At least Cuba's Heavyweight defected to Spain and is ineligible to compete in Freestyle now.

You can follow the last three weight classes at themat.com and get ready for Freestyle, where the U.S. will likely put a stomping on several weight classes.


From Aram at React!

Could this release be cursed? It seems that way after 2 sets of rejected test presses, two different masers [sic] being made, huge plant delays, and screwed up covers… BUT I finally got the 3rd set of test presses [in] the mail today and I’m happy to say that they sound great! So, now that I’ve given the plant the go ahead we can expect a two to three week turn around for the vinyl as long as there are no further disasters, and while this record has been delayed by almost two months I’m happy to say that the end is in sight!

Unfortunately this means that orders will not be going out until around the 1st week of September and I really apologize for the wait. I’ve never had so many issues with a release and I definitely feel bad to keep you all waiting but trust me when I say that once you get your package you’ll be stoked… little extras are being put in and some other cool things are in the works to make each package worth the wait.

All merch orders have been waiting on the vinyl, again sorry about that but we have to do them all at once to avoid the massive confusion of mixed up or missed orders- we’re working on a new system for the next release so just hold tight!

Thanks again for your time and patience!
Aram XXX


So there you have it -- September sometime! There's something else I'm waiting on about the same time, so I'm super stoked! Keep an eye out for more info as it comes up. . .



The "Other" Brady

Gamertag: setstr8

Don't be a douche. Let's play.


The Final Step

Straight from the proverbial horse's mouth:
The First Step will be playing our last show
on Saturday September 6th @ The Championship in Harrisburg, PA
with Mindset and others TBA

Be there, with bells on. Look here for more information as it comes.


This Is Hardcore

Cheap Tragedies is heading out for a weekend of shows this month. The first of which is Friday night (August 22) at Mahall's Bowling Emporium in Lakewood, O-H-I-O with the likes of Insurrect, and possibly Mad Minds. The next day (just hours later, in fact), we re-invade The Cake Shop in NYC for an old-school type matinee (3 pm -- ALL AGES!). . . and then on Sunday, head on out to This Is Hardcore Fest in Philly with a veritable who's-who of your favorite bands (minus your absolute favorite, Right Idea).

So remember --

"It's gonna be one hell of a night, you can't be a spectator. This is Hardcore"