BROWN as in shit.

Please help banish the new, god-awful all-shit brown BROWNS pants, as we all saw the terror it caused. A thought -- when these brown pants appeared last year on Madden 08, everyone cried foul -- "We get no respect!" "EA couldn't even get our uniform right!" "We have a tradition and our uniform is part of that!" "We wear striped socks!" But of course, life imitates virtual life, and evidently the olympics too, since the Brownies decided to wear those insipid tights Monday night.

Here's a short list of the damage that was done:
  • Derek Anderson concussion.
  • Josh "Mtv" Cribbs high-ankle sprain.
  • Andra Davis possessed with the brain of Travis Hafner ("swing and a miss" -- get it, get it?).
  • 30-3 first quarter. 30 to fucking 3.
  • Some random dude named "Magic Shoes" was our "bright spot."
Help us get rid of them for good:

Go here to vote and banish the BROWN SHIT PANTS. FOREVER.

America thanks you. America -- Fuck yeah!

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