Just Announced!

It's official! It's a March Midwest Weekend with . . .

Here's the information we have as of right now (more to come):

Friday, March 28th 2008
Mumford and Broadway Ave
Cleveland, OH 44217
8pm / $5

+ 2 More TBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 29th 2008
24334 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48124

+ 2 More TBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 30th 2008
2100 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

+ More TBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word, everybody! See you there!


Get the Most at Rivalry fest, RI demos in hand...

The gentlemen of Get The Most will be peddling a small quantity of Right Idea demos when they bring the noise to Rivalry Records' annual hardcore festival. It's at Gilman -- no presale, get there early.
In related news, Shook Ones returned from a brief West Coast tour with Hour of the Wolf, meaning that I have to put up with Fund$ back at El Camino again. Good things can't last forever...(p.s. Fund$ may have made out with a girl with a hand-drawn Metallica tattoo on Valentine's day, while on the clock...
Details next update....

In the meantime, we can't sit back -- it's time to React!


Negative Space Studio, Day 3

We finally put most of the nails in the coffin (so-to-speak) on our latest recording(s). You've seen the posts in the past about it, but I can't reiterate enough how stoked we are on all the new songs. There's a whole helluva lot of 'thank-you's owed out, and we'll get through them one-by-one in the best way we can: canned laughter and quiet jabs. So if you would be so kind: follow the links, say hello to our friends, and do your best to reach out so that next time you too can sardine yourself into the backup closet.

And the awards go to(in no particular order):

Best Performance in a Supporting Role: Casey Kulas (aka: Casey Committed; Clevo Casey; CK1)
Best Usage of a Perfect Stranger's Mobile: XSlabaX
Best Performance of "Put-up-with-douche-bags-in my-home": John D.
Lamest Excuse for Being Late to Gang Vocals: Mike Carlson
Most Dudes crammed into a car: Nick Hope This Helps
Best Display of Patience from a Label Dude: Aram React!
Oddest Usage of Unintelligible Language: Alex WK
Most Obvious Omission: Nate For Graves
Best Concealment of a Scowl in a Posi Situation: Ed Sound and Fury
Most Confused: Sean "I still don't understand what you guys are going for here" Clarke
Most Consistent Reppin' of RIGHT IDEA gear: Chuck Right

And an extra special thanks to Pat Mad Minds, who said it was an honor "Just to have been Nominated." (And no, I don't hate you.)

I'd like to thank the Academy . . .


Hell yeah! Che-che-check it out! Get there early, son!

More shows to be announced soon . . . Let's just say this is only the proverbial first step!


Mike Minds Interview

I always strain myself to find something interesting to post about, so i decided that i would interview some of my closest friends and see what's going on in their heads. This first interview is with my great friend Michael. Michael and I have been friends for a handful of years, we were also roommates last year at 1_3_. Michael is currently the yeller for Mad Minds and is an excellent texter while driving. Enjoy.

Mike Minds Interview:

You’ve been moshing before most, what or who opened the hardcore door for you?

Haha, I like to think I’m still new. Bands wise; Minor Threat, American Nightmare, Youth of Today…ugh I can’t think of the first like core bands I got into. One of the first strictly hardcore I shows I went to was American Nightmare, Striking Distance, and maybe one other. Death Threat was supposed to play, but their van broke down. As for people, Matt Shumaker played me records in his room; American Nightmare, Shark Attack, Nerve Agents, and others. Memory sucks. So he kind of introduced me to it. Hess has also introduced me to a lot of different bands, and that has opened the door so much more, and other people too. I think that’s what is cool about the whole thing. The fact that it is like friends who give you music and shit, and help you get into it more and more. I like the close-knit aspect of it.

If you had to pick between a crepe from Bob Evans and a smoothie from Pulp, what would it be?

Depends how hungry I am. Crepes are delicious, it’s basically a dessert. Smoothies are also a personal favorite of mine. I would go with a Smoothie because Crepes are kind of expensive for such a little amount of food. Plus the options for smoothies are so much more. And the servers at Bob Evans are not wearing butt shorts, and that just adds to the whole experience.

As a vocalist, where does the inspiration come from to write lyrics?

I don’t really draw from one source. I try and write something that I feel is important to me, and I like to think I try and branch off about different things. With the Mad Minds demo I wrote about a few different aspects around me. I suck musically, plain and simple, so I like to listen to the music for a little while, think about what I want to write, and go from there. I like to try and get a feel for the songs, and write something that I can stand behind. Ugh, hope that helps you out a little. I guess to simply say it: I write about shit I hate and love.

Not to long ago Mad Minds opened with the Lazy Dayz intro, are you willing to do one last show? Do you have any special demands for it to happen?

I’m still waiting to do a Lazy Dayz first show, haha. I mean, I’d be down, but I forgot all the lyrics. Plus, Dana is a man who is seen as much as sasquach, and someone needs to keep the strippers at diamonds west safe. I like the intro though I hope we still do that at shows. I want Dana to come out of hiding too, I miss him.

Mad Minds has received a positive response, what are your plans for the bands future?

I’m happy that kids like it. It’s humbling to hear people give a positive response to it and we are grateful. We are writing new songs, plan on having our first shirt out soon. We still have cassettes, haha, maybe one day some people will buy those. We want to play shows out of state. We love playing shows, so a lot of those. Next fall will be difficult because I will be student teaching, so we will work around all that and what not.

What do you look for in a girl?

Wow. Difficult question to say the least. I don’t really have a type, although, I guess I have dated girls that are similar. I like a good personality because conversation is crucial. Sense of humor is huge. I like eyes, smile, and face; obviously all that stuff. Boobs and butts are nice, haha, there is the shallow part of me. Fuck, who knows what you look for in someone else. Shit works out or it doesn’t.

What bands have you been jamming to lately? Who should we check out?

I have been listening to oldies, surf, and a lot of different shit. I’m listening to the Juno soundtrack right now, thanks for burning that for me. Umm…shit, I suck at interviews man. Especially when it comes to stuff like this, haha, but I will do my best. I dig Let Down, excited for their LP. The Mongoloids LP was good, people should check them out. Right Idea, obviously, I bounce around. New music wise, I would suggest Mother of Mercy, New Lows, I’m straining my brain dude. Fuck, listen to what you like.

If your house was on fire and you could grab 5 records from your stash, which 5 would you pick?

Final Plan-Dead End Nights. It was the first 7in I ever bought, pretty personal.
I have a Time Flies 7in out of 25. That’s kind of neat to have.
Count me out 7in
Barfight 7in
Shark Attack 7in
All my records are in boxes, which I would definitely be able to save, so no worries there, haha. I need more records, this question really made me realize this.

Any shout outs or last words?

Listen to RIGGGGGGGGGHTTTTTTTT IDDEEEEAAAAAAAA. Check out Empire and Triceratops from Columbus. Hello everyone. Mir, we’re still mad. Look out for Alex’s comics in the future; they will blow your mind. Go to shows. Have fun. Let me student teach you.

For more info on Mad Minds click this.
Hopefully this will be a weekly installment to If-You-Cared... until i run out of friends. Stay warm.


Flip The Switch!

I can't believe a year's gone by already... We had a blast at the last YB show while also enjoying the wonderful city of Lemoyne with it's bridges that seem narrow as hell and unending when you're walking on them with cars flying by. Been a big fan of this label since it started and I think it's awesome that we can now be a part of that legacy. You know the bands will rule, but also remember Sean is into surprise sets (Our Turn last year) and limited releases so make the trek. Anyone down for eating after the show can find us at Bob Evans again, hopefully we get the same waitress. She will prob be excited and bummed at the same time, good deal. Here's Sean's most recent word about the show...see ya there!

Youngblood Records 2008 Showcase Saturday, May 3rd.

Iron Age
Set To Explode
Lion of Judah
Mind Eraser
Fired Up (record release?)
Police & Thieves
Coptic Times (their East Coast debut)
(and friends)
The First Step
Government Warning
Right Idea (their East Coast debut)

One more band TBA

At Champion Ship. Lemoyne, PA.
Doors at 3:00 PM but show up early and bring your doubles for the record swap from Noon to 2:00 PM. Advanced tickets go on sale March 1st.

Thanks for reading,

p.s. pre-orders soon for Coptic Times and Police & Thieves.



Even if this post is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to distract from Sean Clarke's West Virginia braining or to try to reestablish the hetero-Jeter scale at If You Cared . . . Well, here's some news:

You can now stream and listen to the entire demo on LAST FM. If you haven't added us to your favorites or "scrobbed" us or whatever the fuck kids are doing on the internets now, please do. Also check out our "similar artists" because it should include some of your favorites, too.

Here's a player for them songs:


West Virginia

This past weekend i rode down to WV with Empire and Mad Minds. Steel Nation was on the gig as well. We came, played, moshed, and then got the hell out of there. Fun times. Thanks Mike T for booking the show. Thanks Shaun Clark for, well you know. Thanks Franzy for learning the Mad Mind set. Thanks Alex for driving. More pictures here. Peace.

If that link doesn't work try this, and click her latest blog entry.


Class Canceled

Kent State is known for not canceling class, but the last two years we have been lucky enough to get a couple and today is one of them. I haven't posted for a while so I thought I'd like the world know that I didn't have to go to class today. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busy days so this is nice. This brings back memories of last year when we had off. At 1_3_ in the new town homes we dug tunnels and I'm not going to name names, but threw A snow ball at a car and got the cops called on us. It was pretty funny. The cop said some funny line like "you can throw snow balls at each other, but not at cars passing by". It was a good day. Later we held onto dans open trunk and slid through the parking lot. The snow was piled up so high from the plow trucks I was doing flips off the top. It was awesome. Anyway have a good day. I"ll be throwing snow balls at the local bros.

P.S listen to Balance and Ceremony. Oh, check out Empire (friends from Columbus ((all members from Triceratops)). AND MAD MINDS


For Real!

Just got word we've been asked to play Friday April 25th at the For Real Fest in Athens, Ohio. We're stoked and it's gonna be intense! It's a 2-Day fest including some amazing bands!

Here's the 4-11:

FOR REAL FEST 2008: Day One
Friday April 25th, 2008
7:00pm sharp at The Union
18 West Union Street
Athens, Ohio 45701

Weed Steeler(OH)
Juice Tyme(VA)
Right Idea(OH)

FOR REAL FEST 2008: Day Two
Saturday April 26th, 2008
2:00pm sharp at The Union

Cheap Tragedies(OH)
Black Dove(OH)
Raw Sewage(OH)
We March(OH)
Coke X Bust(DC)
Harm's X Way(IL)
In Defence(MN)
Black Market Fetus(IA)
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club(PA)
Dead Radical(PA)
I Hate This(PA)
Appalachian Terror Unit(WV)
Sick Fix(DC)

The Fest is all ages, all day and night -- plus there's a vegan potluck and cookout all afternoon on Saturday, so bring a dish to share.

Check out the complete details here.

Thanks Ray!

Lights, Camera, aXtion!

Thanks to Jeff for going off, thanks to other Jeff for archiving the moment.

Name the song and original artist we're playing in the video and get a "hi-five" and "mad props."

Hit it!


Worldwide Hardcore!!!

The Rivalry Records showcase will commence on February 29 and March 1st 2008.  Betrayed will re-unite for one night only while our friends in Get the Most, The First Step and Trash Talk will all get ill for the masses.  More info at Rivalry HQ.

My friend Led from Quezon City in the Philippines  has a zine and distro called Major Malfunction.  He pretty much has the Indo-China region on lock down, so if you need some 7"s or a copy of the latest Major malfunction, hit him up.

Lastly, how about the Giants?  How about that shit?  Who would've thought...


Sunday Sunday Sunday

After you eat all that bullshit during the Super Bowl, report to the mosh pit. My man Pauly Edge is stopping at Now That's Class around 9 pm to mosh. Come join us. Can't forget about the other bands on the gig and My Friends...Before, During, and Afterwards (ED). And when you all show up, don't forget to bring some babes along. www.myspace.com/meltdownisdestroying