Mike Minds Interview

I always strain myself to find something interesting to post about, so i decided that i would interview some of my closest friends and see what's going on in their heads. This first interview is with my great friend Michael. Michael and I have been friends for a handful of years, we were also roommates last year at 1_3_. Michael is currently the yeller for Mad Minds and is an excellent texter while driving. Enjoy.

Mike Minds Interview:

You’ve been moshing before most, what or who opened the hardcore door for you?

Haha, I like to think I’m still new. Bands wise; Minor Threat, American Nightmare, Youth of Today…ugh I can’t think of the first like core bands I got into. One of the first strictly hardcore I shows I went to was American Nightmare, Striking Distance, and maybe one other. Death Threat was supposed to play, but their van broke down. As for people, Matt Shumaker played me records in his room; American Nightmare, Shark Attack, Nerve Agents, and others. Memory sucks. So he kind of introduced me to it. Hess has also introduced me to a lot of different bands, and that has opened the door so much more, and other people too. I think that’s what is cool about the whole thing. The fact that it is like friends who give you music and shit, and help you get into it more and more. I like the close-knit aspect of it.

If you had to pick between a crepe from Bob Evans and a smoothie from Pulp, what would it be?

Depends how hungry I am. Crepes are delicious, it’s basically a dessert. Smoothies are also a personal favorite of mine. I would go with a Smoothie because Crepes are kind of expensive for such a little amount of food. Plus the options for smoothies are so much more. And the servers at Bob Evans are not wearing butt shorts, and that just adds to the whole experience.

As a vocalist, where does the inspiration come from to write lyrics?

I don’t really draw from one source. I try and write something that I feel is important to me, and I like to think I try and branch off about different things. With the Mad Minds demo I wrote about a few different aspects around me. I suck musically, plain and simple, so I like to listen to the music for a little while, think about what I want to write, and go from there. I like to try and get a feel for the songs, and write something that I can stand behind. Ugh, hope that helps you out a little. I guess to simply say it: I write about shit I hate and love.

Not to long ago Mad Minds opened with the Lazy Dayz intro, are you willing to do one last show? Do you have any special demands for it to happen?

I’m still waiting to do a Lazy Dayz first show, haha. I mean, I’d be down, but I forgot all the lyrics. Plus, Dana is a man who is seen as much as sasquach, and someone needs to keep the strippers at diamonds west safe. I like the intro though I hope we still do that at shows. I want Dana to come out of hiding too, I miss him.

Mad Minds has received a positive response, what are your plans for the bands future?

I’m happy that kids like it. It’s humbling to hear people give a positive response to it and we are grateful. We are writing new songs, plan on having our first shirt out soon. We still have cassettes, haha, maybe one day some people will buy those. We want to play shows out of state. We love playing shows, so a lot of those. Next fall will be difficult because I will be student teaching, so we will work around all that and what not.

What do you look for in a girl?

Wow. Difficult question to say the least. I don’t really have a type, although, I guess I have dated girls that are similar. I like a good personality because conversation is crucial. Sense of humor is huge. I like eyes, smile, and face; obviously all that stuff. Boobs and butts are nice, haha, there is the shallow part of me. Fuck, who knows what you look for in someone else. Shit works out or it doesn’t.

What bands have you been jamming to lately? Who should we check out?

I have been listening to oldies, surf, and a lot of different shit. I’m listening to the Juno soundtrack right now, thanks for burning that for me. Umm…shit, I suck at interviews man. Especially when it comes to stuff like this, haha, but I will do my best. I dig Let Down, excited for their LP. The Mongoloids LP was good, people should check them out. Right Idea, obviously, I bounce around. New music wise, I would suggest Mother of Mercy, New Lows, I’m straining my brain dude. Fuck, listen to what you like.

If your house was on fire and you could grab 5 records from your stash, which 5 would you pick?

Final Plan-Dead End Nights. It was the first 7in I ever bought, pretty personal.
I have a Time Flies 7in out of 25. That’s kind of neat to have.
Count me out 7in
Barfight 7in
Shark Attack 7in
All my records are in boxes, which I would definitely be able to save, so no worries there, haha. I need more records, this question really made me realize this.

Any shout outs or last words?

Listen to RIGGGGGGGGGHTTTTTTTT IDDEEEEAAAAAAAA. Check out Empire and Triceratops from Columbus. Hello everyone. Mir, we’re still mad. Look out for Alex’s comics in the future; they will blow your mind. Go to shows. Have fun. Let me student teach you.

For more info on Mad Minds click this.
Hopefully this will be a weekly installment to If-You-Cared... until i run out of friends. Stay warm.

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