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I can't believe a year's gone by already... We had a blast at the last YB show while also enjoying the wonderful city of Lemoyne with it's bridges that seem narrow as hell and unending when you're walking on them with cars flying by. Been a big fan of this label since it started and I think it's awesome that we can now be a part of that legacy. You know the bands will rule, but also remember Sean is into surprise sets (Our Turn last year) and limited releases so make the trek. Anyone down for eating after the show can find us at Bob Evans again, hopefully we get the same waitress. She will prob be excited and bummed at the same time, good deal. Here's Sean's most recent word about the show...see ya there!

Youngblood Records 2008 Showcase Saturday, May 3rd.

Iron Age
Set To Explode
Lion of Judah
Mind Eraser
Fired Up (record release?)
Police & Thieves
Coptic Times (their East Coast debut)
(and friends)
The First Step
Government Warning
Right Idea (their East Coast debut)

One more band TBA

At Champion Ship. Lemoyne, PA.
Doors at 3:00 PM but show up early and bring your doubles for the record swap from Noon to 2:00 PM. Advanced tickets go on sale March 1st.

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p.s. pre-orders soon for Coptic Times and Police & Thieves.

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