Cellular Phones

So, I'm fresh off the phone with React! Records guru, Mr. Aram Arslanian, and he has informed me of several things:

1.  Records are going in boxes.  Boxes are going in the mail.  Mail is going to your house.  You're checking the mail.  You're opening it to find a new copy of "Our World," the forthcoming 12" ep from Cleveland's youth crew children, Right Idea.  You're playing it, you're x'ing up and then you're moshing and stage diving onto your bed.

2.  Aram was unaware of automated postal centers, the tool that will now be used to allow for the expediting of aforementioned thing #1.

3.  Mindset's record is going to the plant!  

4.  Aram didn't tell me this, but you can read a really awesome interview with him that involves John Joseph and underwear at the Stuck in the City webzine

Speaking of records, a big congrats to xbx and John Committed as they've just delivered their first record.  It was nine months in the making, but from what I understand it was worth the wait and seems to be outstanding.  It is a limited press of one and there were no test presses.  Ask John for details and/or pictures.

The proof's in the pictures, it's time to rock.


THROWBACK THURSDAY (Happy Anniversary)

This week marks the year anniversary of the birth of this blog. Might as well have a party!

How bout October 4th around 7ish hardcore time? I'll get a handful of the best sXe bands around and we can all mosh! Yall in? But, yeah thanks to all the kids that still read our bullshit and that are still into the tunes, the edge, not the edge, hardcore, tattoos, hip hop, baseball, politics, shoes, whatever... thanks.

Question. Did yall get your records yet? Let me know! I have one, but it has donuts inside for some reason... don't ask. Well you can, i'll just say white trash bash 08. (fail, sorry dan, t, and kent).

Yo, search youtube for the weezy blog. It's late and I'm too lazy to put a link. You'll be about it. Don't worry. I'm bout it bout it. what are you about?

bass heads for cheap? holla at cha boy. bass heads for not cheap? how can i steal one?

record release shirt printed out of 25. couple smalls not many M's more L's and 8 tall t's dig me?

Nate, what's good? hows school/life bro?


hope this helps is an empire. were taking over.


Posicore 501, Seminar 01 (You Read That Right: THIS IS A GRADUATE LEVEL COURSE, SON)

Nate always gave me grief about this, that basically I've got this shit down to a science, so that maybe I should be offering up my world view as a class at the local community college. You know, "Hardcore 101" or something along those lines. I was of course kinda into the idea, and now that I have 2 of the pre-requisites for just such an undertaking: a beard, and a kick-ass jacket with elbow patches I figured it was time to begin. But there was still something missing: a textbook. As much as I love to write on occasion I've never had the desire to write one, and for all their value, All Ages, or those gawd-awful disertations on "the edge" Ross Haenfler or Bobby Wood just never seemed appropriate. American Hardcore came out a few years later, and the accompanying DVD would sure let me have some "Friday Film Studies" the likes of which Tri-C's never seen. Plus, sure, it was all about hard core -- it just wasn't my hardcore. 

My hardcore is living, breathing, and most importantly viable

And finally, there's a book that captures just that:

Put together by a certain former edgeman and another scene "observer," Radio Silence includes:

. . .over 500 images of unseen photographs, illustrations, rare records, t-shirts, and fanzines presented in a manner that abandons the aesthetic clich’es normally employed to depict the genre and lets the subject matter speak for itself. Contributions by Jeff Nelson, Dave Smalley, Walter Schreifels, Cynthia Connolly, Pat Dubar, Gus Peña, Rusty Moore, and Gavin Ogelsby with an essay by Mark Owens.

Add it on myspace here and Facebook here. And seriously consider picking up a copy, doing your homework ahead of time and coming back to class with something to contribute

Yeah, I'm that kind of prof -- you know where the door is, don't let it hit you on the ass on your way out. If you don't want to learn, getthefuckout!




Yo this weekend was dope. Yung Joc on Thurs, Friday white trash bash, Saturday... what'd i do on saturday... man i forget, but all i know is that i had a great time with all my dudes/dudets and made loot to go with it. We practiced tonight at the tower. Dan is a great drummer and knew all our songs perfect. we went through the whole suprise set in about 45 beers and then called it quits before IKE came and got us. Thanks alex and shaun for letting us show up and use everything.

a side note: i gave the thumbs down to every steelers fan i saw today at work. they were sad. Its the third quarter right now and i think were down... there's always THIS year! right johno? here is some dope footage from the show.

pictured above is yours truly with one of Jocs hype dudes. i forget his name but he was real cool.

photo/video cred: caitlin



I know at least 1/5 of Mad Minds was all about Van Halen, but I think he might change his mind after this breaking news came in.

After you read that, go read the LetXDown interview at The Spirit of Youth.



This weeks been nuts with school and stuuuff, so i'll throw it back to a couple days ago at the VMA'S. Just incase yall missed it. Yo, dont forget. YUNG JOC tonight in KENT @ the MACC

Ya Dig. Rihanna!

if you made it this far down in the post, RI is practicing this weekend. Rec Release with TC CH MM and FACE REALITY is coming faster than yall think. BE THERE. also go to DEATH THREAT if you can make it. MOSH. DUH. (NO HOMO).

Shout to NED from Wilkes-Barre! Thanks for the kind words brotha. I searched for your blog, but couldn't find it! Spirit Of Youth!



This week is a little different. I'm going to take a step back from hip-hop, since what I usually post only gets shit. Back to the post, a great friend of mine handed me this the other night on our way to see Cliff Lee get his 20th win. This TBxT I'm takin' yall back, way back.
I do not know that much about the history of In Control fanzine or how long it lasted, but this issue (#2) is really great. The design, the substance, and over all feel is awesome. Number 2 has interviews with UPFRONT, COUNT ME OUT, UNIFORM CHOICE, SLAPSHOT, and more importantly SCENE REPORTS. The scene report includes what you should be reading, what shows you should be moshing at, and what bands you should check out. This zine started in Clevo try and find out who put it out and I'm sure there are extras... Hopefully more issues. I'd love to read the first one.

Here's a taste of where I'm working from. Something a little extra to bring to the "table". Only a pun intended. If you've been keepin' up with the blog you should be well aware of the exciting events happening in the near future. More HxC info can be gathered HERE and HERE and HERE for all you blog heads out there.

I'm all over Kent these days too. If you're lookin' to hang get at me. When I'm not in class I'm at the shop. GET TATTOOED DUDE!
If you're going to TFS show this weekend have fun, MOSH. I have to stick around Clevo and park some cars. If you're headed out to the NYC this weekend for the Supreme release get me the navy and tan one, I'll pay you back. Word.

These things are great for holding water

Just got sent an invite to this in email and thought I'd pass it along if anyone else wants to go. I'll be there with some other local peeps. Phil delivers on solid hangouts...not to mention the place has 2 diving boards, a waterslide and food and drinks will be served to you while you chill on a float in the pool. Phelps is gonna train there when he moves back to Baltimore.