THROWBACK THURSDAY (Happy Anniversary)

This week marks the year anniversary of the birth of this blog. Might as well have a party!

How bout October 4th around 7ish hardcore time? I'll get a handful of the best sXe bands around and we can all mosh! Yall in? But, yeah thanks to all the kids that still read our bullshit and that are still into the tunes, the edge, not the edge, hardcore, tattoos, hip hop, baseball, politics, shoes, whatever... thanks.

Question. Did yall get your records yet? Let me know! I have one, but it has donuts inside for some reason... don't ask. Well you can, i'll just say white trash bash 08. (fail, sorry dan, t, and kent).

Yo, search youtube for the weezy blog. It's late and I'm too lazy to put a link. You'll be about it. Don't worry. I'm bout it bout it. what are you about?

bass heads for cheap? holla at cha boy. bass heads for not cheap? how can i steal one?

record release shirt printed out of 25. couple smalls not many M's more L's and 8 tall t's dig me?

Nate, what's good? hows school/life bro?


hope this helps is an empire. were taking over.


Anonymous said...

nope, no record yet.

Will said...

not here either, worth the wait though i'm sure