Cellular Phones

So, I'm fresh off the phone with React! Records guru, Mr. Aram Arslanian, and he has informed me of several things:

1.  Records are going in boxes.  Boxes are going in the mail.  Mail is going to your house.  You're checking the mail.  You're opening it to find a new copy of "Our World," the forthcoming 12" ep from Cleveland's youth crew children, Right Idea.  You're playing it, you're x'ing up and then you're moshing and stage diving onto your bed.

2.  Aram was unaware of automated postal centers, the tool that will now be used to allow for the expediting of aforementioned thing #1.

3.  Mindset's record is going to the plant!  

4.  Aram didn't tell me this, but you can read a really awesome interview with him that involves John Joseph and underwear at the Stuck in the City webzine

Speaking of records, a big congrats to xbx and John Committed as they've just delivered their first record.  It was nine months in the making, but from what I understand it was worth the wait and seems to be outstanding.  It is a limited press of one and there were no test presses.  Ask John for details and/or pictures.

The proof's in the pictures, it's time to rock.

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XSLABAX said...

That pic of Hess is one of the best pics of all time! 10 or 20 Years from now kids will see that pic and be like fuck that pic is great! wish I could have seen RIGHT IDEA.