This week is a little different. I'm going to take a step back from hip-hop, since what I usually post only gets shit. Back to the post, a great friend of mine handed me this the other night on our way to see Cliff Lee get his 20th win. This TBxT I'm takin' yall back, way back.
I do not know that much about the history of In Control fanzine or how long it lasted, but this issue (#2) is really great. The design, the substance, and over all feel is awesome. Number 2 has interviews with UPFRONT, COUNT ME OUT, UNIFORM CHOICE, SLAPSHOT, and more importantly SCENE REPORTS. The scene report includes what you should be reading, what shows you should be moshing at, and what bands you should check out. This zine started in Clevo try and find out who put it out and I'm sure there are extras... Hopefully more issues. I'd love to read the first one.

Here's a taste of where I'm working from. Something a little extra to bring to the "table". Only a pun intended. If you've been keepin' up with the blog you should be well aware of the exciting events happening in the near future. More HxC info can be gathered HERE and HERE and HERE for all you blog heads out there.

I'm all over Kent these days too. If you're lookin' to hang get at me. When I'm not in class I'm at the shop. GET TATTOOED DUDE!
If you're going to TFS show this weekend have fun, MOSH. I have to stick around Clevo and park some cars. If you're headed out to the NYC this weekend for the Supreme release get me the navy and tan one, I'll pay you back. Word.

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Nab said...

yo! is this zine a recent or old one?
do you know where to get a copy?