This weeks been nuts with school and stuuuff, so i'll throw it back to a couple days ago at the VMA'S. Just incase yall missed it. Yo, dont forget. YUNG JOC tonight in KENT @ the MACC

Ya Dig. Rihanna!

if you made it this far down in the post, RI is practicing this weekend. Rec Release with TC CH MM and FACE REALITY is coming faster than yall think. BE THERE. also go to DEATH THREAT if you can make it. MOSH. DUH. (NO HOMO).

Shout to NED from Wilkes-Barre! Thanks for the kind words brotha. I searched for your blog, but couldn't find it! Spirit Of Youth!


Jacob said...


There it is Chuck

Spirit Of Youth said...

thanks for posting the link jacob.

Jacob said...

No problem dude, Wilkes Barre Hardcore, Backed hard