Posicore 501, Seminar 01 (You Read That Right: THIS IS A GRADUATE LEVEL COURSE, SON)

Nate always gave me grief about this, that basically I've got this shit down to a science, so that maybe I should be offering up my world view as a class at the local community college. You know, "Hardcore 101" or something along those lines. I was of course kinda into the idea, and now that I have 2 of the pre-requisites for just such an undertaking: a beard, and a kick-ass jacket with elbow patches I figured it was time to begin. But there was still something missing: a textbook. As much as I love to write on occasion I've never had the desire to write one, and for all their value, All Ages, or those gawd-awful disertations on "the edge" Ross Haenfler or Bobby Wood just never seemed appropriate. American Hardcore came out a few years later, and the accompanying DVD would sure let me have some "Friday Film Studies" the likes of which Tri-C's never seen. Plus, sure, it was all about hard core -- it just wasn't my hardcore. 

My hardcore is living, breathing, and most importantly viable

And finally, there's a book that captures just that:

Put together by a certain former edgeman and another scene "observer," Radio Silence includes:

. . .over 500 images of unseen photographs, illustrations, rare records, t-shirts, and fanzines presented in a manner that abandons the aesthetic clich’es normally employed to depict the genre and lets the subject matter speak for itself. Contributions by Jeff Nelson, Dave Smalley, Walter Schreifels, Cynthia Connolly, Pat Dubar, Gus Peña, Rusty Moore, and Gavin Ogelsby with an essay by Mark Owens.

Add it on myspace here and Facebook here. And seriously consider picking up a copy, doing your homework ahead of time and coming back to class with something to contribute

Yeah, I'm that kind of prof -- you know where the door is, don't let it hit you on the ass on your way out. If you don't want to learn, getthefuckout!



Anonymous said...

This is a class I would actually sit through.

The dirty bird said...

C'mon dude, you're gonna steal all the thunder from Crazy Nate's bio class and my Spanish language-learners are gonna hate mosh me on test day in spite of their under-functional fashion decisions. That said, every academic area needs an organization, you know a non-prof or an academic group to hold conferences in the middle of nowhere. Since hardcore bands never make money and Cleveland is the middle of nowhere, you're already 99% there, you just need a name and a call for papers!

Nate Hough-Snee said...

Dex, get back to work and quit posting under aliases. Speak english or DIE!