Yo this weekend was dope. Yung Joc on Thurs, Friday white trash bash, Saturday... what'd i do on saturday... man i forget, but all i know is that i had a great time with all my dudes/dudets and made loot to go with it. We practiced tonight at the tower. Dan is a great drummer and knew all our songs perfect. we went through the whole suprise set in about 45 beers and then called it quits before IKE came and got us. Thanks alex and shaun for letting us show up and use everything.

a side note: i gave the thumbs down to every steelers fan i saw today at work. they were sad. Its the third quarter right now and i think were down... there's always THIS year! right johno? here is some dope footage from the show.

pictured above is yours truly with one of Jocs hype dudes. i forget his name but he was real cool.

photo/video cred: caitlin

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