Negative Space Studio, Day 3

We finally put most of the nails in the coffin (so-to-speak) on our latest recording(s). You've seen the posts in the past about it, but I can't reiterate enough how stoked we are on all the new songs. There's a whole helluva lot of 'thank-you's owed out, and we'll get through them one-by-one in the best way we can: canned laughter and quiet jabs. So if you would be so kind: follow the links, say hello to our friends, and do your best to reach out so that next time you too can sardine yourself into the backup closet.

And the awards go to(in no particular order):

Best Performance in a Supporting Role: Casey Kulas (aka: Casey Committed; Clevo Casey; CK1)
Best Usage of a Perfect Stranger's Mobile: XSlabaX
Best Performance of "Put-up-with-douche-bags-in my-home": John D.
Lamest Excuse for Being Late to Gang Vocals: Mike Carlson
Most Dudes crammed into a car: Nick Hope This Helps
Best Display of Patience from a Label Dude: Aram React!
Oddest Usage of Unintelligible Language: Alex WK
Most Obvious Omission: Nate For Graves
Best Concealment of a Scowl in a Posi Situation: Ed Sound and Fury
Most Confused: Sean "I still don't understand what you guys are going for here" Clarke
Most Consistent Reppin' of RIGHT IDEA gear: Chuck Right

And an extra special thanks to Pat Mad Minds, who said it was an honor "Just to have been Nominated." (And no, I don't hate you.)

I'd like to thank the Academy . . .

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Anonymous said...

My roommate told me I should respond:

"Ca-ca, doo-doo, pee-pee, wee-wee"

... I don't know what the hell he's talking about either. What can I say, when I yell "VIVA LA RAZA!" I get pretty into it and forget myself.