John Delzoppo

The man pictured here is John Delzoppo. But this man is not John Delzoppo. This man named John Delzoppo has been wiki-ed. Here is what the public has to say about John Delzoppo. But we do not recognize what the public says about John Delzoppo. That man is not the John Delzoppo we know and love. He is not the man Right Idea are in the process of recording a follow-up 7" to the Our World LP with right now at Negative Space Studios. John Delzoppo is an entirely different man. He has a beard (sometimes). And a piccolo drum snare he let us borrow once.

This is what the real John Delzoppo looks like, and this is what he does:
Poseurs be damned.

Thanks to Rye for the photo.

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