For Real Fest

What a weekend!

The 'thank you's start with Ray (the man who put on the fest and was seen repping a RIGHT IDEA shirt on Friday) and gave all these amazing bands a chance to play at a rad venue, and round out with a who's who of dudes (and ladies) we appreciate:

5 Coss, 9 Morris, Alex, Annie, Anthony, Antonio, Ariel, the Cathcart brothers, Cheap Tragedies, Ed, Erin T, Hamiltoe, Jeff Grey, Joe Bennett and Christina, Joel Run Riot, Lucas with a K, Nick, Mad Minds, Marcus, the artists formerly known as My Revenge!, Oh, Betty!, the Parkersburg, WV edge men (and their not-so-edge lady friends), Russa, Taylor, Todd Insurrect, Triceratops, The Union Staff (particularly the door girl with the penchant for short skirts -- not that I noticed), and everyone else I prolly forgot already (please don't take offense -- we were all totally drunk on the edge, so forgetting should be expected).

Oh yeah, the biggest thanks goes to Ge-off, who made the show possible (since he filled in for Chuck, who was MIA in the super-model jungles).

Expect some of them photos as we find 'em (if you have some, please send/post links). And updates galore.

Edit note: For those of you too lazy to watch the Chuck video -- here's the only part that matters:

We Love you Chuck!

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Chuck Right said...

i bet you didn't notice brent and i in that video!