I'm sick of looking at Nadal laying here all happy so I'm trying to come up with a worth while post. That's probably not going to happen. Any way, tomorrow is July 11th. You know if you know what's up. Carl got his wisdom teeth out yesterday. We all went over to take care of him, well alex ditched him and went to the pool all day. I showed up and he was playing poker online and wouldn't come to the DQ with the crew. So we left him. Best part of this terrible story is all 6 of us (alex, hesser, tpot, nick, pat and myself) fit in the blue bullet on the way there. Worst part of this terrible story is that when we got there pat called up some 16 year olds and they met us up there. I saw a friend from high school and they were saying how he was their teacher... Dude not cool. hahahah. Check this, I have to work tonight, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. I'll be at the LETXDOWN IS STRAIGHT EDGE show after. Probably around 1130-12. I'll probably also miss the mosh. YIKES.



Anonymous said...

If I hadn't "ditched" Carlson I would have eaten him out of house and home. Medina is way too far away from my Ramen stash. And 6 people in the Blue Bullet is nothing compared to the 17 people in the Man's Van MkII on the 4th. Just sayin'.


PAT said...

THEY WERE 18!!! totally fine