Face Reality!

Our friends in Face Reality,from Michigan, finally recorded their demo and it's def my current listen of choice. You can hear a couple of songs on their myspace. It was supposed to be recorded about a month ago but, as we ourselves are well aware of, hardcore time is a whole other story. I think the official release date will be at their next show on August 19 but def keep tabs on their myspace for ordering info. They chose to go the classy route and will have cassette demos, with possible limited covers for those who care..."I know I care". Solid 4 song demo and we look forward to sharing the stage with them in the future. The bonds are growing from Michigan down to West Virginia!


Sound And Fury said...

He's correct. This band is fantastic! I continue to be happy that there are more and more midwest bands that don't have a crappy metal sound. Face Reality gets an A+.

FACE REALITY IS... said...

wow man, thanks for the kind words!