We Gotta Stay Positive

It's no secret that I have a pretty wide variety of musical tastes -- and I'm sure most people would argue they do as well. I like to say though, at least when anyone will listen, how there's just got to be that certain "something more" from the bands I will spin on my table top record player, no matter who they are. It's a little something called attitude. And it's not surprising that 99% of the bands that aren't punk or hardcore or whatever the fuck -- well, they got that attitude from hardcore. Add The Hold Steady to that list (if you hadn't already). Their latest record is fittingly titled "Stay Positive" and the title track includes this little nod to our scene:
"Back when the Youth of Today and early 7 Seconds taught me some of life's most valuable lessons."
Yeah, you read that right. Ok, maybe it's not as obvious as that Tony Hawk soundtrack, or Lucero blasting through "Kiss the Bottle," or I Am the Avalanche pulling out a Fugazi cover -- but I honestly have to say -- I truly appreciate these little gems that much more.

You should appreciate it too, so if you're into good old fashioned rock and roll with a little something extra "for the kids" -- go on over to The Hold Steady's myspace and stream the title
track to their new record.



Head2Wall said...

Way into this. Thanks a lot.

DFX said...

they had something simliar on their old record too where they sung something about sunday matinees or so if i remember right. where are these guys actually from ?