Cuddly Puppy

Actual conversation I had today while watching Portugal v. Czech Republic today:

Friend: As much as I hate him, Ronaldo is effing amazing
Me: There he is.
Me: He's amazing. and I kinda don't hate him at all
Friend: I just hate the jerkoff looks he gives
Me: It would be like hating . . . I dunno
Me: A puppy.
Me: A perfect cuddly puppy
Friend: And if anyone touches him he has a fit
Me: Hahaha. [If the puppy] pees on the carpet and you get kinda annonyed and then go
Me: "Awwww, it's ok, Christiano."
Me: "You're the best player I've ever seen. Ever."
Freind: I think it's his attitude added to the fact that he plays for Man U. If he went to FCB, I would back him 100%.
Me: Hahaha. I'll never forget watching a Portugal WC game -- when he was injured -- and watching him dribble up the left side of the pitch, just PULLING AWAY from everyone. Injured. And in such control.
Friend: His pace with the ball is unreal
Me: He does that stutter. At full gait. And can go ANYWHERE he wants.

Alright, back to brass tacks. Watching the Euro, I was stoked to finally watch the replay of ESP v RUS last night, but was more than disappointed when Torres was pulled off the field for a sub -- and a Gunner to boot! This was especially hard to take since Xabi was out of the starting 11 -- and watched a bit in awe as Torres' hat trick went to David Villa, and then to add insult to injury -- Fabergas added a score of his own! That's 4 goals that should have been in Torres' back pocket. Now, don't get me wrong, it was a great performance by Villa, but you gotta back your boys.

That said, there's no denying Christiano Renaldo is hands-down the most perfect player in the tournament. It's comparable to watching old reels of Jim Brown, or MJ at his height, or . . . what am I saying? He's maybe the best athlete I've ever watched.

Just saying.

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