Last Weekend

Saturday and Sunday were a blast. I think I can speak for all of RI when I say that we had a great time. Big shot outs to MINDSET and POLICE AND THIEVES for being such cool dudes and hanging with us all weekend. There were basketball games played, lots of food consumed and many babes hollered at. Awesome time guys!! YO DID YOU GET THOSE CD'S????? Also thanks for all the friends who made the trip to WV and PA, that means a lot. Check fly honeys space for the shots of the gig.

In other news tonight at NTC, TRAPPED UNDER ICE played and totally brought the most bro. I got to hang with some friends I haven't seen in awhile, that's always dope. Keep an eye open for shots of post gig hangouts. Shit was hilarious. Our boy Fiacco was snapping away. Well actually Mike T's babe was.

Next shows are CALI! GET PUMPED!



Taylor said...


Griffin said...

i cant seem to find an email to contact you guys,

are there demo tapes still available? i figured id ask before i paypal.
and, i saw this shirt online posted, do you have anymore of them, size large

(the dark shirt - http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y100/cleankid/hardcore%20shirts%20records%20etc/rximerch.jpg)

let me know, thanks

Absolute said...

Absolute Catastrophe loves you guys, regardless of our honest music review.

Anonymous said...

Yo, when does Ed start reviewing people?

Anonymous said...

absolute catastrophe is the worst zine.

ev said...

yo, dudes. tell chuck IDEAAAAAA to hook us up with that video from the pittsburgh show. i never got to see it.