California Weekend Food

Friday, June 20th:

Breakfast: It was all of 4 am, so the typical Egg and Cheese biscuit and hash browns from BK at the airport tasted as good as expected. Which you can assume, isn't saying much.

Lunch: Our first chance to kick it up a bit. Now I'm a veggie, so a lot of the hi-class options presented by San Fran's Market and Pier in the Fisherman's Wharf area are strictly off limits. But we settled in at an awesome Italian Deli in the Market at Ferry Building 1 called Mastrelli's and I had this little slice of heaven:

It's called the "Joe Special" and featured fresh mozz, sweet peppers, sun dried tomatoes and a basil garlic spread. Throw in San Pellegrino Aranciata in a can and handmade chips with sea salt and it was an absolute delight.

Dinner: Ok, dinner ended up going down in Berkley / Oakland at Tuk Tuk Thai and it well -- it wasn't the best or worst Thai food I've eaten. Our host(s) raved about it, and Kim-possible said we'd have been remiss to not get the Pad-See Yew, but I went with a spicier noodle dish with tofu, gluten and hot peppers:

so I'm thinking I should have gone with the recommendation. I'd have to say the highlight of the meal was the Thai Iced Tea, and Mike Carlson's return from the grave.

Saturday, June 21:

We were on the road early as shit -- out of our Oakland confines and heading down to the Dodger game to watch the Indians and CC take it to them. So there was little to no food to speak of for breakfast, save a coffee. 

Lunch: At Dodger Stadium, I had the usual ballpark fare: Nachos, double cheese and a Minute Maid frozen lemonade. CC had himself a helping of Chan Ho Park, to the tune of about 440 ft.

Dinner: In San Diego, we hit up the local Whole Foods -- where I choked down a "Chikn" Parm sandwich and a Vitamin Energy Water in a can.

Post Show: Denny's "Build Your Own" Grand Slam might be the best thing ever invented. Here's the aftermath:

Sunday, June 22:

Another early riser of a day -- as we were told the Sunday show would be a matinee in Santa Barbara. We stopped at a rad Donut Shoppe in San Diego where I got the best cup of Joe of the weekend and 2 huge maple creamsticks with custard (hell yeah!).

Mid-day we got some shaved ice at Manhattan Beach just south of the city. Ho-hum, but a nice cool-down.

Lunch went down in the Oxnard with the one and only Fred Hammer at a rad familiy Italian locale called Dominick's -- complete with back stories only Fred Hammer could tell. First course consisted of Iced Tea and homemade (still steaming) bread, and then came the salad:

(Notice the shaved parm -- always a nice touch). I was the only one who stepped it up from the prescribed pizza with a pasta dish as a accompaniment:
Over all, a great meal, with little to no complaints.

Don't worry -- you know that food wasn't the only thing that went down over the weekend that we're gonna share with you over the next bit, but here's a nice introduction for you and a peek into our minds on the order of importance of things:

1. Hang outs
2. Food
3. Maxing and Relaxing
4. Shows
5. Sleep



Tom said...

I honestly regret landing on your page. I am so hungry now. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! hahaha. Speaking about tacos. You love those tacos from Jack in the Box, don’t deny it.—the crispy goodness with the melted cheese, hot sauce and crisp lettuce on the inside.

With gas becoming more and more expensive, Jack wants to help you fill your stomach.

Bring any gas receipt to Jack in the Box TODAY and get two free tacos.

No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no purchase necessary—just two free tacos!


Anonymous said...

'Jack in the box taco' = Pocket Pussy?

NICK said...

tom seems like a really good guy

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