It's Nice To Have Friends (Redex)

FOTB (friend of the band) Ed just started up an online counterpart to his print 'zine called Rated X and named it Sound And Fury. Sound and Fury is a pretty rad dump to add to your daily blog check-em-outs for, as he puts it:
I hope to provide lots of reasons to come back in the future.
Why another blog? Because I want a way to make hard to find, out of print, live, demo, etc. items available to people like me, who love this kind of music.
What kind of music is that? I love all kinds of music but the kinds I love best is hardcore and punk. I love NYHC, late 80's straight edge music, early 80's punk and lots of modern stuff too. I'm not into that 'heavy hardcore' junk though, so there won't be any of that [at Sound and Fury].
Thanks again to Ed for his hard work and for being a valued FOTB, who knows -- maybe there'll even be a RIGHT IDEA rarities entry from him in the future?

You never can tell.

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