Last night's show was amazing -- expect pics and reviews as we get 'em in. Go!

The choice will always be yours. How far are you willing to go? If what you feel is real then I know you'll be there when I turn. Now that the spotlight landed on you and you don't know what to say. Since you don't know what you're talking about. You never felt it inside. What we say, what we play, is what we feel. Don't wear special clothes or make up for appeal. When I get the chance to speak, whether or not they hear. We got the attitude and the right idea. Always looking for a new trend. You think you really believed that you were sincere. You cut down people you call friends. Anything just to get ahead. You know everything about nothing. You have no idea. None.

Right Idea lyrics by Tommy Carrol (duh).
Banner by Slaba.
Photo by Jeff Grey.


XslabaX said...

It is awsome to have a new band that when you hear there music for the first time and you get that feeling in your stomach because it is what you love, that feeling that makes you proud to be straight edge! A new band that throws a gallon of gas on an already burning fire! A band that you can listen to 5 tracks over and over and not get tired of, you all know the feeling! A band like this one that offers the hand of freindship and not sit up on some high horse with noses up in the air. A band close to home where you dont have to hope they come within 100 miles to see a show or even not at all! I am very stoked on this band! I think this band fucking rips and the name fits like a glove and in my mind, when I think of straight edge hardcore this band is the "RIGHT IDEA".....slaba

Anonymous said...


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